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  1. TEEN PREGNANCY ACCIDENTS By Zac Gilbreth, Keaton Hill, Bryant Overstreet, & Logan Debyle

  2. No condom, or one that breaksDrugsAlcoholNo type of Birth Control What can cause an accidental pregnancy?

  3. Condom breakages are mainly due to misuse, If used rights condoms break only in about 4 out of 1000 times. Condoms do have expiration dates and can get old most breaks are not for this reason but a few are. Also storage is a major part of condoms. Condoms need to be out of to hot or cold places and not be carried in wallets purses and the glove box of a car. Condoms are sensitive to this so make sure you buy them at a real store not just a gas station because they can be exposed to sunny warm places so they break easier. Condoms also must have room at the tip about half an inch are so. That way the ejaculant does not seep out of the edges. Lubricant is needed and should be used. The friction on the rubber can make the condom break extremely easy. With latex don’t use in oil based lube it can dissolve the out side of the condom this is a major reason condoms break. There’s a rule called one condom per customer which means only use one if you put two on it can cause more friction and break faster. You must make sure the condom fits because if it is to small it can break and if it is to big it can slide off. Teeth can rip condoms. Don’t rush make sure you put the condom on right this is probably the leading reason condoms break because they were not applied properly. Condom

  4. Teens that use drugs are five times more likely to have sex than teens who don’t use drugs. Teens that use drugs are also more likely to have unprotected sex and have sex with a stranger. This leads to higher risks of STDs, teen pregnancy and sexual assault. • The in-take of drugs, alcohol etc contributes a lot to teenage pregnancy meanwhile as a teenager you may not be ready for sexual intercourse at that moment but being intoxicated with drugs and alcohol makes you to be involved in unintended sexual activity just because sex at that time is less emotionally painful and embarrassing. To avoid this, eradicate anything alcohol or drugs. • High alcohol and drug use among teens. When asked why they didn't use birth control, 41% of girls surveyed said they didn't use birth control because they were drunk or high. Drugs

  5. Drinking alcohol increases the chances of a teenage pregnancy by about 33%. • A lot of time when drinking couples forget to use protection • Often times when teens drink they don’t really think about what the consequences of a teen pregnancy could be. Alcohol

  6. Types of Birth control- Pills—Stops eggs from leaving the ovaries, and makes it more difficult for sperm to find the eggs- IUD—They contain copper which kills the sperm before it reaches the egg- NuvaRing—Works almost exactly like the birth control pills- Emergency Contraception—Is used when all birth control methods you used failed, can be used when other birth control methods were used properly to increase chances of success- Yaz—A form of birth control pills- Birth Control Patch—Works like the birth control pills • With all of these ways to prevent a pregnancy, and how discreetly you can get most of these, it is amazing how many people still get pregnant, when they know they can stop it. Birth Control

  7. Have a week or so of sex education that shows all types of birth control, how they work, and how they are used correctly. What their chance of success is when preventing pregnancy, and how long they last Solution

  8. Condoms are used incorrectly and this would provide a much better chance that they are used correctly. Birth control is readily available and is nearly everywhere. Support for solution

  9. Teenagers 12-18, they would have to take a health class to pass high school, this would be in one of the weeks of it, and in order to pass this week, they would have to learn all types of birth control, how they work, and how long they last. Plan

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