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Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

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  1. Teen Pregnancy By: Marisol Hernandez

  2. Teen Pregnancy facts • Each year in the U.S. almost a million teenagers become pregnant. In more than half of the pregnancies the fathers were three years or older than the mothers. Since 2000 the majority of teen pregnancies have been African American followed by Hispanics, and the ages are generally fifteen to seventeen. Over forty percent of teens who admitted drinking said they drink when they are upset, drink alone, drink when they are bored, or drink to get high

  3. continued • . Many times drinking will lead to sexual activity normally would not do if they were sober. Many teen mothers will drop out of school because of teenage pregnancy, and in result of that they will have a hard time supporting their family, and get a low paying job. According to the march of dimes website, more than 10% of all teenage births are under age twenty, and 1 in 4 have another baby.

  4. Abortion • According to 29% of pregnancies end in abortion. The reasons teens most frequently give for having an abortion are concern about how having a baby would change their lives, inability to afford a baby now and feeling insufficiently mature to raise a child. As of June 2010, laws in 36 states required that a minor seeking an abortion involve the parents in the decision.

  5. Physical complications with abortion • Cervical tearing and laceration from the instruments • Perforation of the uterus by instruments. This may require major surgery, including hysterectomy. • Infection, local and systemic • Anesthesia toxicity from both general or local anesthesia, resulting in possible convulsions, cardiorespitory arrest, and in extreme cases death. etc.

  6. Types of Adoption • Open Adoption-Open adoption includes sharing identifying information, including names and addresses, and the potential for ongoing direct contact between birth families and adoptive families.

  7. Continued • Semi-open Adoption- In a semi-open adoption the birth parents may be allowed to select the adoptive parents for their child. This includes actually choosing and possibly meeting the adoptive couple personally. There may be an exchange of pictures, gifts, and non-identifying letters through the first year or longer.

  8. Continued • Identified Adoption- If the birth parents know of someone who wishes to adopt their child, the adoptive couple may be referred to the proper agency to help with the adoption plan.

  9. continued • Confidential Adoption- In confidential adoption privacy is ensured for both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. If adoptees wish to meet their birth parents when they become adults and the birth parents also want to meet, arrangements may be made through mutual consent adoption registries.

  10. Interview • I also interviewed a local woman named Mrs. Johnson (first name will remain unknown). I asked her a couple questions. She was 16 when she got pregnant. She was in a serious relationship at the time with the father of the baby. I asked her if she ever thought she would be a teen mom and she answered no. she says she was taking contraception but she was not very good at taking them on time so they became less likely to work.

  11. Interview • I asked her if she regretted it in anyway and she answered no, but she wishes this would have happened later on in life. She said her parents were upset because they did all they could to try and keep her from getting pregnant.

  12. Interview • The said that she had to give the baby up or get married. She chose to get married and raise the baby. I also asked her if school was hard with a baby and she said that she dropped out junior year and she regrets ever doing so. I asked if she had any advice to other teens. She said be very wise and always take time for your education, there’s always time from having kids in the future.

  13. Interview • Your too young. I asked if she ever considered abortion and she said no I never considered to once.

  14. See teen pregnancy is a foolish thing and can be avoided • Talk about it!!

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