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Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

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Fossil Fuels

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  1. Fossil Fuels By:Kristen Byers and Geoffrey Lewis

  2. What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are natural resources that we use to create the electricity to do most of our everyday activities like cooking, watching TV, or playing video games. The most common types of fossil fuels are coal and oil.

  3. About how much fossil fuels do we use every day? This is a pie graph that shows the commercial energy production that certain fossil fuels can create.

  4. A little POP QUIZ! What are the most commonly used fossil fuels? a) coal b) Natural gas And… c) oil d) wood, peat, charcoal, manure e) nuclear, solar, wind, hydro

  5. Types of energies Biomass- plant materials and animal waste used as a source of energy Hydropower- energy or power created by water by using water wheels, e.t.c. Nuclear Energy- no definition Geothermal-of relating to, or utilizing the heat of the earth’s interior Wind- energy powered by the wind using specially designed equipment Solar-energy created by using large solar panels to catch the sun’s rays and convert them into power There are many different types of energies. They are:

  6. Types of Fossil Fuels These are the types of fossil fuels: This is a chunk of coal. This is a natural gas flame. This is an oil container. This is gasoline.

  7. Oil Oil needs to be refined for use in common day life. You drill into the ground to extract oil, that is why there are oil rigs.

  8. Refineries and Oil Rigs This is a oil refinery that makes crude oil into the oil we use today. This is a oil rig which they pump up the oil.

  9. Coal Coal is a type of energy and matter. You burn coal for energy. Coal was made when the dinosaurs died and the earth’s gravity compressed them into the Earth’s crust. We have coal in B.C.

  10. Coal Mines This is the inside ofa coal mine. This is the outside of a coal mine.

  11. Coal Workforce by age groups and year This is a chart that shows the coal workforce by age groups,year,and the amount of workers.

  12. Natural gas Natural gas is formed in underground caves. They store the gas using caves that has salt in them.

  13. Petroleum Petroleum is also known as gasoline. Gasoline is pumped out of the ground. Gasoline is very explosive, even the slightest spark and boom.

  14. Other alternatives. There are other alternatives other than fossil fuels. Like Hydro,Solar and Wind power.

  15. Why are we concerned about using too much energy? We are concerned about using too much energy because fossil fuels will not last forever. Eventually, there will be none left. We are trying to use less fossil fuel energy by using wind, solar, and water energy. Unfortunately, this is not going very well. We haven’t cut down the usage of fossil fuels and it is affecting our environment.

  16. How is using fossil fuels affecting our environment? Burning fossil fuels affects our environment because it creates gases, which creates pollution. Pollution is the mixture of harmful gases mixed with the carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air which we breathe.

  17. Why did we choose to do this subject? We chose to do this subject because it is going to be a big problem later on in our lives and we would like to show everybody what the burning of fossil fuels will eventually do to our environment and we are gladly in favor to stop the usage of fossil fuels or at least slow down the usage because if we don’t stop using fossil fuels the environment,the animals and people in it, even US, will eventually die because of the harmful gases that are being put into the air by burning fossil fuels.

  18. How can we help to extend the time period that we can use fossil fuels? Everybody can play a part to extend the time period that we can use fossil fuels. We can do it by using more solar, wind, and hydro power instead of fossil fuels. Not only that, but we can also prevent pollution this way. If we can all do this, we can help preserve the clean air that we breathe.

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  21. Credits There is only one person we would really like to thank… Mr.Macintyre!