fossil fuels n.
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Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

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Fossil Fuels

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  1. Fossil Fuels SCB.2.3.2

  2. How were they created? How are they transported? Fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas, and propane) are known as nonrenewable resources because they were made millions and millions of years ago by the buried remains of plants and animals and once we use up all our fossil fuel we wont have any more until millions and millions of years later. Uranium ore (a solid) is mined and converted to a fuel used at nuclear power plants, however, uranium is not a fossil fuel but it is a nonrenewable fuel.

  3. How are they used? Gasoline is used in cars and light trucks. It also fuels boats, recreational vehicles, and farm, construction, and landscaping equipment. Diesel fuel is used in the diesel engines found in most freight trucks, trains, buses, boats, and farm and construction vehicles. Diesel fuel powers the vehicles that we use to produce and transport nearly all of our food and all of the other products we make and buy.

  4. Fossil fuels pollute and impact the environment because it causes pollution/carbon dioxide into the air and is a cause of global warming. If there is too much carbon dioxide in the air it could cause acid rain which could kill the plants in our environment.