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Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels. Learning objectives. How Coal was formed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBeXRRTGjNE. Where is the coal?. Coal resources are located by geologists. It is thought that most of the world’s resources have already been located,

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Fossil fuels

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  1. Fossil fuels

  2. Learning objectives

  3. How Coal was formed • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBeXRRTGjNE

  4. Where is the coal? Coal resources are located by geologists. It is thought that most of the world’s resources have already been located, but the continent of Antarctica remains unexploited.

  5. How is coal mined? • Originally harvested by hand this picture from NE England (Billy Elliot territory) shows the practice still taking place in 1939.

  6. Early pit mines • A medieval bell • pit from Scotland • (originally started • in the 1200s)

  7. What you would see today in the hills near Manchester

  8. Mine Shafts (adits) • As this 16th century German drawing shows mines became more complex

  9. Today Modern Mechanised USA More typical and traditional Pakistan

  10. Open Cast coal mines • Much more high tech, much more impact on surface environment, much more economical.

  11. Do this activity

  12. How are crude oil/natural gas formed • http://www.planet-scicast.com/view_clip.cfm?cit_id=2869 • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqryaKRSQjE • http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7470023822861761791#

  13. How oil and gas are formed contd

  14. How and where we find oil

  15. Natural oil seepage (Azerbaijan)

  16. How oil is obtained On land At sea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNvmK9mUjvI&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy6M0II_I1A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pzFVSB3Cnc

  17. First oil well • Titusville, Pennsylvania, US 1859. Drake’s well today

  18. Natural gas • Gas rigs being built in Scotland

  19. World reserves and usage

  20. Where the oil is

  21. Analternativepoint of view

  22. Known resources (mid 2000s)

  23. Other factors to consider

  24. Gas reserves

  25. Los Heroes

  26. Teaminvestigations

  27. Investigatingformation of fossilfuels • 1. Describe howeach of thethreemaintypeswereformed. • 2. Decribethephyscial and chemicalprocessthatoccur: whatactuallyhappens to theorganicmaterials to turnthemintofuels. • Describe thesorts of rockswheretheymay be find. • Identifythemainlocationsglobally of fossil fuel reserves.

  28. Environmentalimpacts • 1. Decribetheenvironmentalimpacts of exploringfor, exploiting and transportingeach of thethreetypes – whererelevantonland and sea. • 2. Give case examples of each of thekinds of impacts and try to evaluatehowseriousthey are: howmuchlanddamaged, whatvaluableresourcessuch as farmland, waterbodies, and ecologicallyimportantareashavebeenharmed.

  29. Refiningcrudeoil • 1. Explainthereasonsforrefiningcrudeoil • 2. Explainthemaindifferentprocesses: how do theyhappen, and whatchemicalchangesoccur. • 3. Identifytheproducts and whatthey are usedfor.

  30. Role of petrochemicalindustry • 1. Identifymainproducernations • 2. Givesomehistoricalfactsaboutthedevelopment in Mexico in comparisonwiththerest of theworld • 3. Namethemaincompaniesinvolved and howmuch of theworldmarketthey control • 4. Give figures fortheimportance of theindustrynationally and internationally • 5. Giveimportance of itsproducts in terms of national and internationaleconomics.

  31. Reforma energética • 1. Explainthemainproposals of the reforma energetica as they relate to Mexico´spetrochemicalindustry and otherforms of energy • 2. Explainthepoliticaljustificationforit. • 3. Discussconcernsraisedbyopponents • 4. Give a consideredopinion of yourownexplainingwhichfactsyou base thison.

  32. Endproduct: Mindmaps • Once youhave done yourinvestigation and produced a presentation, I willformsix new teams – eachwithmade up of members of the original teams. • Youwillthenconstruct a mindmap of theissues to show howthey are linked. • Thenyouwillpresentyourfindings and modifythemind-mapsaccordingly.

  33. Evaluationrubric

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