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Fossil fuels

Wilfred . Fossil fuels. History about fossil fuels.

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Fossil fuels

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  1. Wilfred Fossil fuels

  2. History about fossil fuels • Fossil fuels are thought of as cornerstones of our modern age. They generate our electricity, heat our homes, fuel our cars, even form plastics from which many of our modern conveniences are made. Despite this, fossil fuels have played a key role for hundreds of years of our history, driving our transition from a primitive and pre-industrial society to one capable of both encircling this world and reaching beyond. –www.fossilfuels.com

  3. Why we need fossil • We need fossil fuels because it power mostly everything we use today ,weather you see or not .its the energy humans use ,with out it we wouldn’t have what we have today .

  4. How long does it take for fossil fuels to developed • Its takes about a million years to make and that’s a very long time .

  5. How we use it • We are using fossil fuels when we use things like coal, oil, gas (petrol), diesel fuel, and natural gas. the usage of central heating and air conditioniong, for example driving a car, shopping for groceries at a shop that had their goods delivered by truck or train, or maybe using an outdoor gas grill for cooking up some tasty barbecue.

  6. Good and bad thing about fossil fuels • Good • -gas • -helps us get to places • -power the whole world • -helps produce almost everything • Bad • -it take million of years to make • -nonrenewable

  7. Wilfred Alternative energy

  8. History about alternative fuels • "The first practical use of natural gas dates to 200 BCE and is attributed, like so many technical developments, to the Chinese. They used it to make salt from brine in gas-fired evaporators, boring shallow wells and conveying the gas to the evaporators via bamboo pipes." –www.alternativeenergy.com

  9. How do we use alternative energy • All of us have gotten so used to having gasoline available (and any fossil fuels for that matter) in our daily lives, that we have almost taken fossil fuels for granted. • (At least we will until they start becoming more scarce or harder for us to find and use).

  10. Why do we need alternative energy • We need it because the gasoline ,we use and need to go places we wouldent be able to go anywhere with out gas ,so that’s why we need alternative energy.

  11. Difference between alternative energy and fossil fuels • alternative energy may be the only way to produce energy in the future. • Fossil Fuels such as coal or natural gas are limited to what is already available

  12. Good and bad things about alternative energy • Good • -solar energy • -thermal energy • -wind energy • -tides • Bad • -cost a lot to make • -and if the sun blows up ..we are screwed..

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