fossil fuels n.
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Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

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Fossil Fuels

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  1. Fossil Fuels By: Brianna Shields February 28, 2005

  2. DO NOW • 1. What is the layer beneath the Earth’s crust called? • 2. Which type of rocks are formed when layers of sediments and animal remains are cemented and compacted in water? • 3. Which type of rocks are formed from great heat and pressure deep within the Earth?

  3. GOAL • To be able to distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable resources

  4. What are fossil fuels?

  5. What are fossil fuels? 1. Formed millions of years ago 2. Made from dead, compressed plant and animal remains Fossil Fuels

  6. What are fossil fuels? 3. Heat and pressure combines the remains with mud, sand and clay 4. Provide 90% of light and heat used to run homes and cars Fossil Fuels

  7. 3 types of fossil fuels Coal Oil Natural Gas Fossil Fuels

  8. Why are fossil fuels useful? 1. Made of hydrocarbons that burn well Wood doesn’t produce as much heat and energy when burned Fossil Fuels

  9. Why are fossil fuels useful? 2. Easy to store, transport and use Fossil Fuels

  10. Problems with fossil fuels 1. When burned, release dangerous pollutants into the air Fossil Fuels

  11. Problems with fossil fuels 2. Nonrenewable- once used up they are gone (take millions of years to replenish) Fossil Fuels

  12. Problems with Fossil Fuels

  13. Fossil Fuels • Work with a partner and fill in the missing information on your fossil fuel summary chart

  14. Coal Solid form Found buried in the Earth Fossil Fuels

  15. Coal Four Types 1. Peat (soft, smokes, doesn’t burn well) Fossil Fuels

  16. Coal Four Types 2. Lignite- brown, woody, not much energy Fossil Fuels

  17. Coal Four Types 3. Bituminous- dark brown, common, found deep in Earth Fossil Fuels

  18. Coal Four Types 4. Anthracite- black, hard, brittle, uncommon Fossil Fuels

  19. Oil Liquid form AKA Petroleum Found in areas once covered with oceans Fossil Fuels

  20. Oil Found where animal and plant remains layered, and were changed into oil by heat and pressure Fossil Fuels

  21. Oil Found by drilling wells into rock deposits Drill where oil seeps to surface or where top rocks test positive for carbon Fossil Fuels

  22. Natural Gas Liquid form Found near oil- rises to top of oil because its less dense Fossil Fuels

  23. Fossil Fuel Pie Charts

  24. Fossil Fuel Charts

  25. Uses for coal Generates electricity Fossil Fuel Uses

  26. Uses for oil Transportation Heat Road asphalt Plastics Fabrics Medicines Building materials Fossil Fuel Uses

  27. Uses for natural gas Transportation Heating homes Least expensive, cleanest Fossil Fuel Uses

  28. Current status of fossil fuels 1. Their burning is creating major air pollution Current Status of Fossil Fuels

  29. Current status of fossil fuels 2. Nonrenewable- they cannot be replaced by nature once they are used up Current Status of Fossil Fuels

  30. Current status of fossil fuels 3. U.S. makes up only 5% of world population but consumes over 30% of fossil fuels Current Status of Fossil Fuels

  31. Current status of fossil fuels 4. By 2080 we will have used up almost all fossil fuels That have taken 500 million years for the earth to create Current Status of Fossil Fuels

  32. Current status of fossil fuels 5. In one day we use 1000 years worth of fossil fuels Current Status of Fossil Fuels

  33. Current status of fossil fuels 6. Need to find alternative energy sources Current Status of Fossil Fuels

  34. Drilling Paradise Dry • For homework, write a response to the “Drilling Paradise Dry” article- Do you agree or disagree with drilling for oil in Alaska- support your statement with several facts from the article. • Use the article response sheet