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PVGrows Working group meeting

PVGrows Working group meeting. Food Access & Community Health PVPC August 18, 2010. Agenda. 1:00 – 1:10        Update on what has happened since the July 15 PVGrows Meeting  --  by Katie Stebbins (Working Group Point Person)

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PVGrows Working group meeting

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  1. PVGrows Working group meeting Food Access & Community Health PVPC August 18, 2010

  2. Agenda 1:00 – 1:10        Update on what has happened since the July 15 PVGrows Meeting  --  by Katie Stebbins (Working Group Point Person) 1:10 – 1:20        Intros: go-round: name, affiliation, and a question, like: what is your interest in food access & community health? Or what brings you to the Working Group? 1:20 - 1:35         3 presentations 1.       Jessica Collins give an overview of the 55 Springfield partners she works with on Food Access issues 2.       Marcos presents “SUAGGER” partnership 3.       Sam present model for function of this Working Group 1:35 – 2:00        Discussion 2:00 – 2:15        Next steps • Maybe go round again, this time saying what each of us can bring as resources.  (What model we think works best?  How much time we can offer before now & the next meeting?)  • Some possible next steps items: • Volunteering for tasks? • Where can we host the next meeting? Pick a date and schedule it right now?

  3. “Strawman” proposal for discussion • Name: Springfield Urban Agriculture Germination (SUAGGER) Partnership • Vision: Springfield as a model metropolis of healthy eating, environmental quality and green economic development. • Mission: To lead an urban agriculture movement that increases the production, availability and consumption of fresh food in the Springfield metropolis.

  4. “Strawman” proposal for discussion • Goals: The membership will set measurable goals for the organization. These will be used as SUAGGER’s short and mid-term targets, and will help to track the organization’s progress. • Membership: SUAGGER will be composed of member organizations that share resources towards its common mission. • Structure: This organization does not aspire to dissolve its member’s identities nor impose a hierarchical structure above them. Instead, SUAGGER is will be a forum where its members can coordinate their efforts, increase their resources, be more effective and improve the City’s urban agriculture profile. • Projects: Members are encouraged to engage any subset of its membership to structure and execute projects that meet the organization’s mission. SUAGGER will sponsor these by consensus of the full membership.

  5. “Strawman” proposal for discussion • Common Resources: SUAGGER sponsored projects will enjoy letters of support from all members, common branding and communications from its website, an increased profile and access to other member’s shared resources (space, equipment, administrative capacity, etc). • SUAGGER • Goals • Branding/ Communications • Funding • Capacity OutsideStakeholders and Funders

  6. PVGrows Working Group on Food Access & Community Health “SUAGGER”

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