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Clinical Working Group Meeting

Clinical Working Group Meeting. October 12, 2011. Agenda. User Story Prioritization Update. Each of the User Story authors were asked a series of follow up questions to provide more criteria for selecting the User Stories to move forward with:

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Clinical Working Group Meeting

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Clinical Working Group Meeting October 12, 2011

  2. Agenda

  3. User Story Prioritization Update • Each of the User Story authors were asked a series of follow up questions to provide more criteria for selecting the User Stories to move forward with: • Is there a community or organization that has an existing infrastructure of people and systems that supports this type of query today? Please describe. • If this user story was selected, would that community be motivated to participate in a Query Health pilot in the first/second quarter of 2012? • Does the data we would query exist within the clinical records today? • Assuming the availability of a reference implementation, would you consider this User Story an easy implementation (i.e., something that could be implemented in a 1-2 month period)? • The results to these questions were summarized and presented to ONC for a broader perspective review

  4. User Story Update • The answers to the additional questions were reviewed in detail during a 10/11 meeting with ONC • In addition, each of the User Stories were reviewed to determine if they aligned with Meaningful Use, other ONC interoperability initiatives, and cross agency goals and objectives (e.g., quality measures) • More specifically the following questions were asked when reviewing each User Story • Are there an existing standards and terminologies outlined that can be leveraged to help constrain the User Story? • Are there existing data sets that can be leveraged to help constrain the data model? • Does it align with any other existing ONC programs and/or initiatives, providing a mechanism for moving both/all forward? • Does it align with other agency goals and objectives? • Will the User Stories selected provide a robust set of actors? • Is it a simple enough starting point to be manageable (vs. unwieldy) by the time we complete the use case?

  5. User Story Update • After comparing these stories against these goals and objectives four of the User Stories were selected based on their alignment (some revisions were made to the User Story titles as well) • Expanded Analysis for Diabetic Care in an Outpatient Setting • Hospital Inpatient Quality, Reporting Program Myocardial Infarction CQM • Vaccination Usage (previously known as Trends in Medical Products) • Biosurveillance (previously known as All Hazards)

  6. User Story Update

  7. Selecting the User Story • The Working Group members are tasked with selecting one of the four User Stories to develop for the Query Health project by COB 10/14 • The remaining User Stories will be put in the backlog and addressed in later phases of the Query Health project

  8. Generic User Story Update • The working group and support leads reached out to the working group members who voted no to resolve their comments and concerns • A revised version of the User Story will be uploaded to address this feedback • The working group members are asked to review these updates by COB 10/14

  9. Final Face to Face Announcements – Goals for the Working Groups • Clinical Working Group • Complete User Stories • Complete Use Case Diagrams • Review DRAFT Functional Requirements • HOMEWORK – Review all Clinical Workgroup materials on wiki and be prepared to discuss and comment Note: All materials for review will be posted by COB 10/13

  10. Next Steps • Cast Vote on User Story by COB 10/14 • Review Updates to Generic User Story by COB 10/14 • Review materials for F2F meeting prior to working sessions

  11. Appendix (Question Responses from User Story authors)

  12. Author’s Response to Questions

  13. Author’s Response to Questions

  14. Author’s Response to Questions

  15. Author’s Response to Questions

  16. Author’s Response to Questions

  17. Author’s Response to Questions

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