marriage a vocation n.
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Marriage A vocation

Marriage A vocation

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Marriage A vocation

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  1. Marriage A vocation Chapter 12 p. 256

  2. The Gift of the Magi • p.258

  3. What does getting married involve for us?

  4. United States Wedding Culture

  5. Wedding Money: What Does the Average Wedding Cost? • Q. • What is the cost of an average wedding today? I've heard it's around $20,000. Is this off base? • A. • Though it depends on where you live, that figure's really not that far off -- it's actually a little low. In a recent survey conducted by The Knot, it was revealed that the average wedding is now about $27,800. However, bear in mind that weddings cost more in large urban areas. This figure also includes those lucky brides and grooms who get $40,000-and-up weddings thrown for them, so that does slightly bring up the average.

  6. What does the sacrament of marriage celebrate? • Mutual Self Giving • Faithfulness • Becoming one’s real self • Creativity

  7. Mutual Self Giving p.261 • God is revealed • GOD is revealed in human love and friendship • God is the source of all love and this is evident specifically in marriage • Jesus’ sacrifice of his life heals, transforms and nurtures human existence.

  8. Marriage is a gift of self…freely bestowed.. • WE RECOGNIZE THAT WE HAVE MUCH TO OFFER ANOTHER PERSON AND DESERVE THAT PERSON’S RESPECT IN RETURN • It is not about the ring, the dress, the status, • This continues to our children ..we are trapped in a consumerism mindset • The Christian version of marriage is focused on the gift of self • Sexual intercourse is only for marriage because it is done within the total commitment framework of marriage

  9. Covenant • Is a solemn promise between 2 parties

  10. # 2 The Faithfulness of a CovenantChrist and his Church are the models • Sexual Fidelity • Permanence • Constancy • Loving Confrontation • Lived Values

  11. # 3 Becoming One’s Real Self • Married partners become persons they neer would have become if they were not married to each other • God has “given” them to each other to fulfill their own destiny

  12. # 4 Creativity • Sharing love and selves with others so not to become stagnate and self absorbed • Children are a blessing and are central to the meaning of a Catholic marriage • Where faith is nurtured IN THE FAMILY • A spirit of welcoming and hospitality to making God’s love and peace a reality in the world.

  13. The Ritual: Symbolic Actions and Words • The couple is the PRIMARY symbol ..they are the MINISTERS of the sacrament! Not the priest. • Sexual Relationship is the most powerful ritual which brings children into your life • The community of people is a symbol of the support and presence of the community

  14. The Ritual is Adaptable • Mass or no Mass • Location When would it be a good idea not to have a wedding mass?

  15. Common elements • Liturgy of the word • Consent (without free consent the marriage DOES NOT EXIST) • Blessing and Exchange of the rings • Nuptial blessings • Final Blessing

  16. Customs and Traditions • Personalize the wedding, music, readings, etc. • Cultural variations …read 276 • Ancient roots

  17. Matrimony’s History • From the beginning Christians viewed marriage as sacred. • Marriages took place as part of your particular culture • Couples asked Bishops to bless their marriage • 7th to 11th Centuries—church becomes more involved….why?

  18. History continued… • By the 13th century marriage was viewed as a sacrament • Although marriage was sacred in the early church a man was allowed to divorce his wife if she was unfatihfull… but not visa versa…WHATTTTT??????? • TG Sts. Augustine and Ambrose set things straight in the 4th century

  19. Annulment and Divorce • The Church recognizes that sometimes a marriage is not a “valid” sacrament. • Dishonesty • Mental or psychological issues The church will “annul” the marriage because the marriage never existed “sacramentally”

  20. Divorce • A divorce dissolves a marriage that existed. • It is granted by civil authorities. • The Catholic Church maintains that a valid sacramental marriage cannot be DISOLVED or ANNULLED.