lay vocation n.
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Lay Vocation

Lay Vocation

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Lay Vocation

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  1. To know how lay Christians are called to serve God To reflect on different kinds of lay ministry Lay Vocation Vocation: Rearrange the phrases below to give a definition of vocation. /in Baptism/ in a unique way/ to serve God/ given to / the call/ a person

  2. Prophet, Priest and King Draw the tableIdentify ways in the passage in which Dave gives worship to God, speaks up for the truth, guides and helps others.

  3. 2. As a pupil at Douay Martyrs, what ways could you, like Dave, show yourself to be aA. priest ?B. prophet ?C. king ? • 1. Summarise what each of the 3 roles of priest, prophet and king is generally about. • - Being a priest is when you.. • Being a prophet is when you… • Being a king is when you…

  4. What is each of these jobs about? Lay Ministries: jobs in the Church • WHO AM I?I help with the Children’s liturgy at the 11 am mass • I give out Holy Communion at mass • I run a visiting scheme visit old people in the parish • I help prepare the altar for mass and other Church services • I am on the rota for readings at mass • I pass round the collection plate • I promote the sale of Fairtrade in the parish • I help run the parish confirmation programme As well as being priest, prophet and king in their daily life, some Christians do jobs for their parish or Church community. Reader Catechist Special minister of the Eucharist Sacristan Parish outreach volunteer Justice and Peace member Write the subtitle “Lay Ministries”. Choose 2 lay ministries and explain what they do. **Are Christian who aren’t involved in lay ministries bad Christians? Explain your answer

  5. LIGHT SALT • To be a Christian is to be salt and light to the world. It only takes a little bit … Salt everything you do Add forgiveness, love, justice Little acts of kindness T L I G H T