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  1. Vocation BY: Kyle Hopp and Allie Roth Vocation - the universal call received in baptism to live a holy life that gives meaning and destiny; the specific choice of a stated in life, such as marriage, priesthood, consecrated or single life

  2. Use Your Mind Your mind can be the most helpful thing for you if you use it right Don’t be set and stone at what you are going to do at this age You have to listen to what God wants you to do

  3. Look at the Options Should I marry? Should I be a religious or a priest? Should I break up with the person I’m dating? Should I change my course of study in school?

  4. What Does God Want Most people follow what the Catholic Church says and God’s Commandments Some people say they have heard God call them to do something Be open to what God has to say to you

  5. Will it Help Conversion of Heart Thinking about your vocation involves converting your life more deeply and fully to the Lord Turn away from sin and grow in the love of God If you don’t see yourself being more holy, maybe it’s God’s way of saying that’s not what he wants you to be doing

  6. Is it Consistent with the way God has dealt with me before? Sometimes people don’t find their vocational call until they meet the people the want to spend their life with When you do decide what your vocation will be it will be tested over a period of time You should stay with a vocation consistently once you believe you it is the right vocation for you

  7. What Confirms the Wisdom of the Proposed Action There are several ways to know that your course of action is confirmed There may be a spiritual sign If you think you may be wrong try another vocation and just listen to God Think about what lacks in the vocation How important is it to you? To help you figure it out write down good things and bad thins of bothe

  8. Interpret Spiritual Signs Sometimes some people have a better understanding of what their vocation should be through spiritual signs A lot of times people are so convinced that what they want to do is right, and that spiritual sign confirms that for them.

  9. What Does Your Heart Say? Think if this is truly what you want to be doing Chose the best thing that fits you and you will be happy in life

  10. Pray The most important thing about what you want to do in life is praying. Everyone needs to pray to let God into their life Choosing your vocation can be a very long process so just pray and be patient with it