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Vocation Assignment PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocation Assignment

Vocation Assignment

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Vocation Assignment

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  1. By: Charlie West Vocation Assignment

  2. Core Values • Happiness - I want the feeling of what a continual effort in bettering myself gives me and to feel joy, exultation, delight, bliss, and love. I find I am the most happy when I am with my family or friends or when I am playing golf. • Family/Friends - My family has always been close and it is important to me that I always stay close with them. My friends are also very important to me. I will continue to maintain a positive relationship with my family and friends. • Success - Accomplishing the goals I set for myself by doing everything I can to be the best person I can be through my education, occupation and life in general. I want to be able to look back and say “I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

  3. Mission Statement • To achieve fulfillment, value and joy in every moment in my journey of life, finding laughter, love, and happiness with each day that passes in both my personal and professional life. To complete my education and pursue a successful career while creating a reputation of being dedicated to every goal I choose to pursue. To maintain positive and loving relationships with my family and my friends. To continue to practice and improve my ability to play golf.

  4. Skill Set • Work well with others • Work well independently • Team player • Goal-oriented • Knowledgeable in technology • Knowledgeable in business principles and practices • Knowledgeable in mathematics • Knowledgeable in golf fundamentals • Athletic • Time management • Good listener and empathetic • Loving • Honest • Dedicated • Friendly

  5. Traditional & Different Career • Traditional - To be employed in the golf industry - Manager of a golf club or a Golf Club Professional • Different Career – Financial Analyst: This career fit my skills set as it requires many of the necessary skills that I possess, such as being educated in business and its fundamentals, good with numbers, and I am good with people . This occupation will also lead to financial success considering the starting pay for an average financial analyst is approximately $44,000. Considering that this job will involve working with numbers, I should find it enjoyable.

  6. Inspiring Literature • I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for - getting paid for doing what you love. - Tiger Woods

  7. Inspiring Literature • I have had many people tell me that being a Golf Professional and Manager was not a career that I should pursue, but it is something that I love to do so I am happy to have it as a part of my everyday life. – Deer Run Golf Professional Tom Abts

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