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  2. WHAT IS VOCATION? • Vocation is the life calling of every person created by god. • To understand where your vocation comes from it is vital to refer to the two creation stories. • God has given everyone gifts and talents needed to fulfil their vocation. • To find true happiness you need to use your gifts to follow your vocation. • Vocation is not a profession or a career where you think “what do I want to be?”. • Vocation is a calling of “what does God want me to be?” • Vocation comes from the Latin word Vocatio which means “to call”.

  3. TYPES OF VOCATION • Types of vocation include: • Marriage as a vocation • Religious life as a vocation • Life everlasting • Ministerial priesthood • The Christian vocation • Single life as a vocation

  4. MARRIAGE IS A VOCATION • Marriage is a vocation as you have to commit and devote to the married relationship you are in. • Marriage is a life calling as some people are called to marry whilst others aren’t. • Jesus restores gods original plan and purpose for marriage. • Gods two purposes were: • The sexual expression of married love. • The procreation of children • Marriage is a sacrament • The sacrament of marriage guides and strengthens couples to face challenges together and to communicate etc. • Gifts and talents that a person may require for the vocation of marriage are: • Loyalty • Trust • Honesty

  5. MARRIAGE IS A VOCATION • Gifts and talents that a person may require for the vocation of marriage include: • Loyalty • Trust • Honesty • Patience • Love • Talent of communication • Roles or jobs that fall within the vocation: • Eg.A person may work in retail sales because they have what it takes to sell a product, to establish customer relations and to work with a team to accomplish tasks. That same person's vocation may be to be a married wife or a husband. • Anyone who is married falls within the vocation of marriage.

  6. RELIGIOUS LIFE IS A VOCATION • Religious vocation is when you follow Jesus and the gospel. • To follow the vocation of religion you must make the following three vows: • Of poverty • Chastity • Obedience • You make these three vows in order to live like Jesus did and dedicate yourself to the gospel values. • By following this vocation through prayer and service you must strive to become holy and witness to the gospel values.

  7. RELIGIOUS LIFE IS A VOCATION • Gifts and talents needed to fulfil the vocation of religion include: • dedication to god • Prayer • Holiness • Living life the way Jesus did • Roles or jobs that fall within this vocation: • Religious brother or sister • Deacon, Bishop or priest • Anyone who is religious / has a religion and follows the practices of that religion by dedicating themselves to god as well as prayer.

  8. LIFE EVERLASTING • Life everlasting is a vocation as you are called to believe what happens after death. • Jesus revealed what happens to people after they die. • Christians believe in life everlasting. • Gifts and talents: • Belief in god • Believe in life after death • Roles that fall within the vocation: • Anyone who believes in life after death • They may be single or married

  9. MINISTERIAL PREISTHOOD • Jesus supports his followers personally through ordained priesthood. • The priestly vocation is a call to serve and a call to celibate love. • The call to follow god is personal. • Through ministerial you guide the community • Gifts and talents: • Have the ability to serve for others needs • Commit to the life of celibacy • Guide and help others • Become closer to god • Roles that fall within this vocation: • Popes • Bishops • Deacons • Priests

  10. CHRISTIAN VOCATION • To be called to follow the Christian life like Jesus did. • Follow the Christian practices. • Be a good Christian • Understand what it is you have to do in the Christian vocation • Become closer to god and more holier • Gifts and talents: • Patience • Understanding • Love • Dedication/commitment • Roles that fall within this vocation: • Anyone who is Christian

  11. SINGLE LIFE • People who are living the single life are committed to being single. • They love god and serve others. • They are not committed to one person. • They can love everyone just as Jesus did. • Gifts and talents: • the ability to serve others • Have equal love for all • Love god • Roles that fall within this vocation: • People who have been called to live the single life • People who have committed to the chaste life.