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Innovation Vocation Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovation Vocation Care

Innovation Vocation Care

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Innovation Vocation Care

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  1. Recognising Opportunity and Market Deliverypresented by Daniel McKeigRegional Manager of Perth’s Leading Funeral Directors

  2. Innovation Vocation Care

  3. Perth’s Leading Funeral Directors

  4. By honouring someone's environmental beliefs it is possible to create a more meaningful and personal farewell. Leave lightly & leave a living legacy

  5. Our aim; Concept Beginning Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals provides families with a natural, ‘green’ way to have a funeral service by offering families a selection of meaningful, environmentally-sustainable services and products. Having a green funeral is becoming increasingly important for the many people who live their lives in a more environmentally conscious manner. People not only want to live greener lives, they now also want to be environmentally sensitive when they leave this world too. At Green Endings we support your environmental ethos and can help you create a more personal farewell by providing options to reduce the impact of a funeral and leave a smaller footprint behind.

  6. A Green Endings funeral is made ‘green’ through environmentally friendly cremation options, natural bushland burials, sustainably-produced coffins, stationery made from recycled materials, memorial tree plantings, and organic catering. Changing how we operate and the staff think

  7. Concept Delivery and Promotion • Obtaining Board approval • Launching your product or concept • Knowing your market • Being practical • Networking, creating the right contacts • Paid advertising – Learning your target market • Special events • Being creative • Getting your staff on board • Customer service delivery • Follow up – After care

  8. Promotion: Green Endings is an alternative way to celebrate the life of a loved one. If they lived by green values, they can leave by them too. Since its launch in April 2012, Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals has offered Perth families the opportunity to choose sustainable and eco-friendly funeral services, incorporating sustainable coffins, natural burial sites and carbon emission offsets. "We're very fortunate to live in a country that is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, but it's important to remember how reliant we all are on Australia's natural resources," said Green Endings Regional Manager Daniel McKeig.

  9. A Green Endings funeral produces fewer carbon emissions, and Green Endings works with non-profit organisation, Carbon Neutral, one of Australia’s leading carbon management consultancies, to offset these emissions.

  10. Bush Regeneration Results • The carbon credits sourced by Green Endings will be used to at the Boxwood Hill 4 Star Biodiverse Sink, located in Western Australia. Green Endings' carbon credits will add to the ongoing restorative plantings Carbon Neutral have undertaken at the site over many years. • Carbon Neutral's 2011 Planting Report on the Boxwood Hill site is available. • Some of the highlights of the report are: • The Boxwood Hill site has areas of high salinity and soil erosion. • Once restored, the Boxwood Hill site will create a corridor for native wildlife between the high value remnant bushland in the Corackerup Nature Reserve Creek in the east and the unallocated Crown Land bordering Corackerup Creek.

  11. Notable species of animals at Boxwood Hill include; Malleefowls, Shy Groundwrens, Western Whipbirds, Crested Bellbirds, Rosenberg‟s Monitors, Grey Spotted Dragons, Tammar Wallabys, Western Banjo Frog, Turtle Frogs, Grey-bellied Dunnarts, and Honey-possums. • Seeds from 55 local native species of shrubs and trees are planted on the site. MalleefowlWestern Banjo FrogBlue Wren - one of the Ground Wren family

  12. Carbon Calculator • Calculate the carbon footprint of your funeral, and see the environmental impact between a traditional funeral and a Green Endings funeral. • Step 1 What type of burial are you considering? • Step 2What type of funeral style are you considering? • Simple- funeral service at church, function centre or other venue, minimal total kilometres travelled in small number of vehicles. • Average- funeral service + memorial / graveside service or a wake, medium total kilometres travelled in a medium number of vehicles. • Large- funeral service + memorial / graveside service + a wake, high total kilometres travelled in a high number of vehicles. • Step 3What type of service are you considering? • Online- No printed leaflets or press announcements. • Recycled- Recycled paper used for Order of Service. • Virgin Paper- Virgin paper used for Order of Service.

  13. Step 4- What type of Memorial are you considering? Natural- A simple marker with a newly planted sapling. Lawn or Niche - A small brass plaque or stone plaque. Monumental- Traditional stone headstone. Depending on your choices up to 1.5873 T CO2e will be released into the environment during and after your ceremony. By reducing some of the extras in this burial you can reduce the impact of this funeral considerably. See more at:

  14. What is a Green Endings Funeral? • A Green Endings funeral is a more sustainable and an affordable alternative to a traditional funeral. It is a more natural and softer way to leave a living legacy. Choosing to have a Green Endings funeral not only significantly reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced compared to a traditional funeral, but reduces the overall environmental degradation of land, air and waterways. Green Endings can advise you on environmentally-sustainable options to reduce this impact, and will help you incorporate them into the funeral service and cremation or natural burial, whichever you prefer. As improvements in technology are made, the range of options offered by Green Endings will also expand. This may include such emerging trends as ‘aquamation’ and ‘resomation’, or even electric-powered hearses. As soon as it is available in the Perth area, we will make it available to you. This way you can be sure that what Green Endings offers you is currently the most environmentally-sustainable funeral service.

  15. A Green Endings funeral places more emphasis on personalisation and family involvement. Choices include environmentally friendly coffins and urns, where in the bush land setting of a natural burial ground you can scatter the ashes or for the burial to occur. Ceremonies can occur at the memorial site, and trees can be planted in honour of the loved one. Green Endings is an alternative way to create a truly personalised service which reflects the life and legacy of your loved one – a softer, lighter, smaller footprint on the earth.

  16. Your choice of coffin? Green Endings provides a variety of environmentally-friendly coffins made from recycled materials and sustainable practices. Options include LifeArt enviroboard coffins, or coffins made from natural fibres and materials such as wicker, willow or plantation timber. All coffins are biodegradable and suitable for natural bushland burial. Our staff will provide you with all the information to make the best decision. All Green Endings coffins are manufactured to the highest environmental standards from sustainable forest growth practices.

  17. Extended Research • In preparing to make Green Endings available to the public, we spent a lot of time researching the currently available information on a range of environmental matters relating to funerals and memorialisation's. • If you would like to check our results and conclusions please visit our web page at:

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  19. Personalised Coffin Range

  20. Personalised Coffin Range