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Curriculum Night 2014-2015

Curriculum Night 2014-2015. We know every child by name and by need!. 1 st Grade Teachers. Tonight Parents Will:. Understand their role in the parent community Know ways they can be involved in their child’s classroom and school Understand the role of a student at Lakeview

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Curriculum Night 2014-2015

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  1. Curriculum Night2014-2015 We know every child by name and by need!

  2. 1st Grade Teachers

  3. Tonight Parents Will: • Understand their role in the parent community • Know ways they can be involved in their child’s classroom and school • Understand the role of a student at Lakeview • Understand the rituals and routines that make Lakeview a successful Learning Community

  4. Lakeview’s Mission Lakeview Elementary will help students and parents set goals based on clear expectations, teach the curriculum, assess and monitor students’ progress, help students provide feedback and appropriate safety nets in preparation for a rigorous middle school curriculum.

  5. How We Communicate • Bobcat Binder • Email • Monthly Newsletter from Teachers • Newsletters from Mrs. Seltzer • Newsletters from PTA • Teacher Websites • Remind 101 Texts

  6. Remind 101 Mrs. Hovland – Text @mrshovl to 940-220-4209 Mrs. Wingard – Text @mrswingar to 817-803-5440 Mrs. Burnett – Text @62dc51 to 281-206-0422 Mrs. Dickie – Text@f177e to (469)208-6445 or email www.remind.com/join/f177e

  7. Teacher Webpages

  8. Teacher Newsletter

  9. Report Cards • Parent conferences for all students the first 6 weeks of school • Progress reports each 3 weeks • Report cards each 6 weeks

  10. On-line Grades

  11. I

  12. Workshop Model • Reading, Writing, Math, and Science all follow the workshop model. • Workshop model consists of an opening, work period, and a closing.

  13. Opening – The teacher introduces a topic, skill, or concept to the entire class. This gives the teacher an opportunity to model her expectations • Work Period – Students practice the skill while the teacher gives individual or small group assistance • Closing – Students share our their learning with the whole group. The students become the teacher.

  14. Reading and Writing • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook • Goal Setting • Anchor Charts • Reading Logs • Reading Levels Charted • Million Word Challenge • Book of the Month

  15. Reading • Sight Words • Reading Fluency • Letter-sound Correspondence • Comprehension • Retelling the story • Picture Clues • End of the year DRA • goal is an 18

  16. Writing

  17. Big Ideas For Reading and Writing

  18. Million Word Challenge • In September we will have a kickoff to get students excited about the Million Word Challenge. • Track the books your child reads on the reading log in the Bobcat binder. Students will also track in class in their reading log. • All books read since the first day of the school count towards the goal. • Students must read a total of 100 books by the end of 1st grade

  19. Math • Workshop Model • New Curriculum – Origo • Focus is on Problem Solving

  20. Math Big Concepts • Number Sense with Addition and Subtraction • 2D Shapes, Place Value, Comparing Numbers • Addition and Subtraction, Skip Counting, Fractions • Measurement, Addition and Subtraction • 2D and 3D Shapes, Data Collection, Graphing

  21. Science • Workshop • New Curriculum • Inquiry Process • Big Concepts taught in 1st Grade - Process, Inquiry - Matter and Energy - Force, Motion, and Energy - Earth and Space: soil, rocks, water, air and wind, weather, seasons, clouds, and moon - Organisms and the Environment: Living and Nonliving, food chains, and plants - Baby Chicks PBL

  22. Social Studies Social Studies is taught through LA. It is incorporated into readers and writers workshop. Big Concepts Citizenship Past, present, and future Maps Famous Americans Communities Natural Resources

  23. Technology In Action • Netbooks • Ipads • Ipods • Digital Cameras • Netschool

  24. Conferences • We will schedule a parent/teacher conference with all our parents • Teachers will contact you to set up a conference. • If at anytime you would like to meet with us, just let us know.

  25. Home Practice • Read at night for at least 20 minutes. Record reading minutes in the Bobcat Binder. • Practice weekly spelling words. For some fun and engaging practice ideas, please visit our teacher websites.

  26. Physical Education Grading Scale: 3 = E Exceeds the Expectation 2 = S Meets the Expectation 1 = N Needs Improvement 0 = U Unsatisfactory The Summative Grade consists of weekly skill based activities. The Formative Grade is a citizenship grade based on behavior. Six Week Units: 1st Dodge & Fleeing Games, Spatial Awareness 2nd Hand-Eye Coordination, Toss & Catch Games 3rd Tumbling, Holiday Games 4th Jump Roping, Rhythms, Dance 5th Parachute Games, Hula Hoop Games, Bowling Games 6th Foot-Eye Coordination, Base Games

  27. Physical Education Reminders *1stgrade do not receive grades the 1st 6-weeks. *Home Access Center is a numerical based program. Your child’s grades will not be accurately reflected until report card time. *For questions or clarification regarding grades, please contact me at rsaettel@nisdtx.org

  28. Destination Imagination • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxV0SoEXSychttp://animoto.com/play/d9u9Sf99ZY0uEnfVVDCG2A • Creative problem solving program • DI teams are coached by parents, manager meeting on Oct. 14 • We would love to expand our program • Looking for parent volunteers

  29. Classroom Management • We follow the Lakeview Elementary Behavior Expectations – Found in the Bobcat Binder and on the bottom of the report card. • Students are given tickets to buy classroom rewards • Students' binders are signed when they have had to redirect their behavior.

  30. Lunch • Visitors are welcome for lunch! Please sit at the guest table with your child. • Please encourage your child to eat within a 30 minute time frame, using manners, and cleaning up after themselves. • Snacks- Students are allowed to purchase a snack on Thursdays.

  31. Birthdays • Store bought cupcakes or treats may be brought to the office. Treats will be sent to your child’s classroom to be shared the last 15 minutes of the day. • No peanut products please. • Invitations can be passed out to the entire class, if necessary. • Including paper products as needed is greatly appreciated.

  32. Supplies • The full supply list can be found on the PTA website. • If your child is needing more supplies, your teacher will contact you.

  33. Questions?:

  34. Teacher Contact Info • Shelly Wingard 817-215-0758 swingard@nisdtx.org Jessica Hovland 817-215-0766 Jhovland@nisdtx.org Beth Dickie 817-698-1945 edickie@nisdtx.org Shannon Burnett 817-215-0768 sburnett@nisdtx.org

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