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Santa Coke Advertisement PowerPoint Presentation
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Santa Coke Advertisement

Santa Coke Advertisement

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Santa Coke Advertisement

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  1. Santa Coke Advertisement Rachel Spangler

  2. Santa Coke Ad from 1938

  3. Background This advertisement was released in 1938 and published by Haddon Sundblom. He was the artist of many of the older coke ads for Coca-Cola. The particular picture was the first made with both Santa and a child. It was specifically made for Christmas.

  4. Questions 1.) What do you believe the purpose is? 2.) What do you think the audience is? 3.) What is the point of view from the artist? 4.) How are ethos, pathos, or logos used? 5.) What are some of the special techniques or composition factors used by the artist in the advertisement?

  5. Purpose & Audience The purpose of the Santa Claus ad is to get the audience to want to try Coca-Cola’s beverage. It tries to persuade by using techniques that will attract the readers attention. The audience is anyone who enjoys a good drink or anyone who loves soda.

  6. Point of View The artist’s point of view is clear in the advertisement. Sundblom is positive and encourages the audience to try Coke. I know this because he uses certain lighting, colors, and mentions words such as delicious and refreshing.

  7. Ethos Ethos is used in the advertisement because it is supported by the widely known Coca-Cola Company.

  8. Pathos Pathos is used in the advertisement with both Santa and word choice. The artist used Santa in the ad to appeal to the audience’s emotions. Santa is known world wide as a jolly, chubby, guy who gives out presents to children on Christmas. When you see Santa it brings the good mood from Christmas and creates a positive look on the product. His word choice also appeals to great emotions because by using “ Delicious and refreshing”, it makes people feel as if it really is and that they should try it.

  9. Logos Logos is used in the advertisement when it states, “Thanks for the pause that refreshes.” This is showing that it was stated by someone who has tried the product before since it is in quotations. Also this statement is said to make the audience believe that when you take a drink of a Coke, you will feel instant relief, relaxation, and a fantastic taste.

  10. Composition Factors Colors- The red and white colors used are bright and contrast with the black background. Lighting- The lighting is shown directly towards Santa and the young girl. It also shines on the symbol of the Coca-Cola Company. Shading- The artist uses shading to create a realistic look to the ad.

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