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Nike. Like this!. Today is 11/1/12 Please pick up a copy of the map of Africa. It is faded so begin outlining Africa so that you can see it. SUB SAHARAN AFRICA GEOGRAPHY REVIEW Competency Goal 1

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  1. Nike Like this! • Today is 11/1/12 • Please pick up a copy of the map of Africa. It is faded so begin outlining Africa so that you can see it.

  2. SUB SAHARAN AFRICA GEOGRAPHY REVIEW Competency Goal 1 The learner will use the five themes of geography and geographic tools to answer geographic questions and analyze geographic concepts.

  3. What is Africa? • Africa is one of the worlds 7 Continents. • It is the 2nd largest continent. • Because of its size and its close location to the equator Africa has many different climates including deserts, rainforests and savannas.

  4. A Satellite View

  5. Africa’s Size 4 6 0 0 M I L E S 5000 MILES • Second largest continent  11,700,000 sq. mi. • 10% of the world’s population. • 2 ½ times the size of the U. S.

  6. What is the Physical Geography of Sub-Sahara Africa? • Sub-Sahara refers to Africa SOUTH of the Sahara desert. • Extremely diverse landscape. • 2nd largest continent has huge plateaus, mountains, and valleys south of the Sahara.

  7. Is Africa a Continent of Plateaus? • YES! • “One big Plateau” • Plateau after plateau & in between there are escarpments. • Escarpments- steep cliffs or slopes (like the side of a valley)

  8. What Mountains are in Africa? • Atlas mts. in Northwest. • Most mts. east side. • Volcanoes= Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak (19,340 feet)

  9. Atlas Mts. Atlas Mts. Atlas Mts. Atlas Mts. Mountains & Peaks ΔMt. Kenya ΔMt. Kilimanjaro Mt. Kilimanjaro Ruwenzori Mts. Drajensburg Mts. Ruwenzori Mts. Atlas Mts. Drajensburg Mts. Mt. Kenya

  10. Great Rift Valley (GRV) • Stretches through most of East Africa • Occurred when pangaea ripped apart creating mountains.

  11. Mediterranean Sea Bodies Of Water Red Sea NileRiver NigerRiver L. Chad--> <--Gulf of Aden L. Albert--> Congo River L. Victoria L. Tanganyika-> Indian Ocean Complete list will be on the next slide! Atlantic Ocean Zambezi River LimpopoRiver OrangeRiver Pacific Ocean

  12. What kind of bodies of water can be found in Africa? • Largest lakes are in the Great Rift Valley. • Due to high escarpments, rapids and waterfalls are common.

  13. Lakes • Lake Victoria, 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world, source of Nile. • Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika in Great Rift Valley • Outside Great Rift Valley: Lake Volta, Lake Chad

  14. Rivers • 4 great rivers slice through Africa: • Nile River (world’s longest river) • Congo River (largest river basin in Africa) • Niger River • Zambezi (plunges down a huge escarpment known as Victoria Falls, which is twice the size of Niagara falls)

  15. What Natural Resources are found in Africa? • Diamonds form the Congo. • Gold from South Africa & GRV. • Nigeria 3% of world’s oil. • Other minerals

  16. What is the Climate & Vegetation like in Africa? • Tropic of Cancer crosses south of Sahara Desert • Tropic of Capricorn extends through south. • Equator runs through center. (All Africa within 35 degrees of equator)

  17. Are there Deserts in Africa? • YES! • Deserts cover a larger percentage of Africa than any other continent. • Sahara covers north. • Namib desert, coast of Namibia. • Kalahari desert most of Botswana.

  18. The Sahel Looking south • Sahel means “border.” • Lies between the deserts and Rain Forrest in Central Africa. • Includes the “Horn” of Africa • “Desertification” happening in the Sahel. Sahara taking over. Looking north

  19. Libyan Desert Deserts Sahara Desert Sahel Libyan Desert Sahel Sahara Desert Namib Desert Namib Desert Kalahari Desert Kalahari Desert

  20. Tropic of Cancer 20° N Africa:The“Tropical”Continent Equator 0° WHY??? Tropic of Capricorn20° S

  21. Tropic of Cancer 20° N Equator 0° Tropic of Capricorn20° S

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