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Biology: Please get out your vocab homework from yesterday! PowerPoint Presentation
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Biology: Please get out your vocab homework from yesterday!

Biology: Please get out your vocab homework from yesterday!

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Biology: Please get out your vocab homework from yesterday!

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  1. Biology: Please get out your vocab homework from yesterday! Place it on your desk. Then get out your composition notebook and get ready for the BELLRINGER Today: Aug 23 FRIDAY MYTHBUSTER! Bellringer/Check Homework Discuss Bellringer Compare Article Answers Practice Thinking Like A Scientist: DAY 1 VOCAB QUIZ MONDAY!!!!

  2. OUR key concept questions: • What skills do scientists use to learn about the world? Explain a time when you used any of these skills? (at least 3 sentences) • What attitudes are important in science? Explain why they are important! Describe which attitudes you possess and how you will utilize them in this class.

  3. August 26, 2013Biology: Vocab Quiz today! Study! Today: Vocab Quiz Continue with Thinking Like A Scientist Activity! Pass out books!! HW: Finish Discussion Questions

  4. Thinking Like A Scientist Day 1 Activity! Curiosity, Creativity! WHY ASK WHY? Why is the sky blue? How do people move? Will bacteria grow if the air is heated? These types of questions and the search for their answers form the basis of all science!

  5. Each group will be given an object! Please be careful...they are mine!! Study the object closely and think of at least 20 questions about the object!! Each person should write down their questions on their own paper… SHH NO DISCUSSING Right now!!

  6. Now… like scientists, compare your questions with those people in your group. Choose one or two questions that interest your group!! As a group brainstorm secondary questions to help answer the original question! Be Creative!

  7. Brainstorm possible answers to your questions!! Choose at least two or three questions and answers to share with the class!

  8. Biology: Please get out your discussion questions from yesterday! Today: 8/27/2013 Discuss-Why ask why? Questions Design an experiment Pre-assess Scientific Method HW: None Possible Quiz FRIDAY!!

  9. Discussion Questions: • When you compared your list of questions with others in the group, did all the lists have the same types of questions? What could account for the similarities and differences between the lists? • Why do you think you were asked to create two sets of questions? What is the purpose of the secondary questions?

  10. 3. Think about one question from your list that you would like to answer. What steps could you take to answer that question? Do you think there is more than one "right" way in which to find the answer? Why or why not? 4. The physicist Albert Einstein wrote "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." What do you think he might have meant?

  11. Experimental Design! Take it a step further! Design an experiment to answer one of your questions! Money is no object!!! Are any of your questions testable? This activity is to indicate what you know about experimental design.

  12. Scientific Method: Pre-test Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. DO NOT WRITE ON THE PRE-TEST!