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  1. ORIENTATION MEETING FORSES PROVIDERS Palm Beach County Schools 2012-2013

  2. Agendaand Goals • Introduce District SES staff members • To provide an overview of SES program implementation, policies, and procedures in Palm Beach County • To reviewmaterialsprovidedincluding the contract • To provide web resources for Providers • Questions and answers

  3. District Contacts for SES • Department of Federal and State Programs Supplemental Educational Services - C-206 • Terry Pitchford, Manager (561) 629-8559 • Jane Glabman, Resource Teacher (561) 357-7520 FAX (561) 357-7618

  4. District Contacts for SES (Cont.) • Department of Federal and State Programs • Debbie Battles, Director (561) 357-5949 • Celia Elrod, Assistant Director (561) 434-8446

  5. What has changed? • Studenteligibility – ONLY studentswho attend Title I schools AND scoredLevel 1 or 2 on FCAT are eligible • Funding – funding for SES for 2012-2013 isreduced; fewerstudentswillbeserved • Provider Fairs – Two (2) willbeheld

  6. Extended Day Schools - 17 Seventeenelementaryschoolswill have the schooldayextended by one hour. Barton Belle GladeBelvedere BethuneGalaxyGladeView Grove Park Lake Park Lincoln NorthmorePahokee Pioneer Park Pleasant City RosenwaldSouth Grade Washington West Riviera

  7. Procedures for Palm Beach County • Provider packets – review contents • Contract • Incentives – • may not be used for recruitment • may be awarded for student performance or attendance and may not exceed $50 per student per year • Provider Fairs – all attendees MUST have a current vendor/tutor badge (not a school ID)

  8. Procedures (Cont.) • Maximum per student allocation (PPA) for FY13 is $1104 • Fingerprinting and background checks – vendor badges Fingerprintingandbadges.asp

  9. School Police Homepage

  10. Timeline • August 30, 2012 - Signed contracts due to District • August 22, 2012 - List of SES School Contacts • August 25-28, 2012 - Provider Fairs • August 30, 2012 – Cayen Software training at FHESC, Ibis Building (Southwest corner of parking lot – “E”) • Early October (Tentative) - Student rosters provided through the Cayen System • Twenty (20) days after placement - Tutoring begins

  11. Provider Fairs

  12. SES Tutoring • Studenteligibility – ONLY studentswho attend Title I schools, AND scoredLevel 1 or 2 on FCAT are eligible. • Ineligiblethisyear – All K – 2 students, grade 3 (non-retained), students new to Palm Beach CountySchools (who have not as yettaken the FCAT)

  13. Tutoring (Cont.) • Is NOT homework assistance, snack time, mentoring, or pre-testing, post-testing • Must be reliable and in fidelity with the approved state application • Aligned to NGSSS or Common Core Standards • Must begin within 20 days of placement with agency

  14. Cayen Systems’ SES • Use of the Cayen Systems’ SES software is mandatory for all providers • Training and support will be provided by Cayen Systems • All SLPs, progress reports, and invoices will be completed using Cayen • IMPORTANT: Students must have a district-approved SLP prior to the start of tutoring

  15. Student Learning Plan (SLP) Development • Assessment may begin upon receipt of the students placed with your agency • Immediately following assessment, an SLP must be completed using Cayen and submitted electronically for review • Pre & post test data must be entered into Cayen (initial and goal percentage of mastery) • Goals must be measurable (SMART)

  16. SMART Goals • S – specific, significant • M – measurable, meaningful • A – agreed upon, attainable, acceptable, action-oriented • R – relevant, realistic, reasonable • T – time-based, timely, tangible

  17. SMART Goal Examples • After 20 hours of tutoring, Juana will increase from 60% to 75% mastery in the use of context cues to determine meaning of unfamiliar words in a third grade passage as measured by the SmartStudent pre and post test. • After 25 hours of tutoring, Deandre will use the order of operations to simplify expressions which include exponents and parentheses with an increase from 25% to 50% accuracy as measured by the MathExpert pre and post assessment.

  18. SMART Goal Non-examples • Following tutoring, Bradley will be reading on grade level and his grades will improve! • Natalia will write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences. (Note: Must create Reading, not Writing goals.)

  19. SLP Procedures • SLPs must be electronically submitted to the District for review and approval prior to obtaining parent signature • SLPs must align with the program approved in the state application • Tutoring may not begin without an approved SLP

  20. SLP Amendments • District-approved SLPs with original parent and provider signatures are required prior to processing the first invoice • Section I-B-4 (page 2) – “Changes in any student’s SLP may be made only with written consent of Parent…and approved by Board.” Any change in tutoring days, times, subjects or location requires submission of an amended SLP prior to the change.

  21. District Calendar

  22. Facilities Leasing – Real Estate Services •

  23. Facility Leasing (Cont.)

  24. Anotherweblink for leasing • • Leasing rates • Rental brochure • Many audit findingsfrom leasing; agencies must ensurethatthere are internalcontrols to avoidfindings.

  25. Marketing Materials • Requireddisclaimer (page 7 of contract): • Yourchildmayqualify for free tutoring if yourchild attends a Title I school and has scoredLevel 1 or 2 on the FCAT. If parental requests for free tutoringexceed the amount of fundingavailable, the school district will serve the studentswith the greatestneed. • Neither the Florida Department of Education nor the School District of Palm Beach County promote or endorse any particular supplemental educational services (SES) provider.

  26. Marketing Materials (cont.) • All marketing materials must be approved by District staff prior to distribution • Please allow ample time for approval (the contract requires a minimum of two weeks) • Marketing materials may not include information regarding incentives

  27. Marketing Materials (cont.) • Materials must advertise your legal agency name, not your DBA. • Do not use abbreviations or acronyms on your advertising materials • You may not advertise that you will provide more hours of service following the exhaustion of the student’s PPA as that is considered to be an incentive • Do not include statements such as “student is guaranteed to increase one grade in Reading”

  28. Provider Contract • You are required to submit 2 copies of the contract with original signatures (in blue ink); please copy it before writing on it • On page 9, you must enter the minimum number of students per site that you agree to serve

  29. Provider Contract • District must report Provider to FDOE if the Provider withdraws from offering services after submitting a Letter of Intent, signing a contract, and receiving the minimum number entered on page 9 of contract • Upon two such withdrawals, Provider will be ineligible to provide services in the state the following school year

  30. ContractCompliance • Section III-4: Record of Attendance • “…initialed ONLY by the student’s Parent or the student if the Parent is not in attendance…” • the form may NOT be pre-populated by provider • FDOE recommends that each provider maintain a detailed “sign-in/sign-out” log for each tutorial session to document the time of arrival and departure for each student. This log should include student signatures for each tutorial session and may be requested as audit documentation.

  31. Record of Attendance (sample)

  32. ContractCompliance (cont.) • Section III–9: Providers are prohibited from transporting students (page 6) • Section III-13: Provider will inform any tutors who are currently employed by Board that they are not to tutor any student they presently have in their class…Tutoring services may not be provided to any student by a family member. Public libraries shall only be utilized for individual tutoring with the permission of the library. (page 7)

  33. ContractCompliance (cont.) • Section III-17: This Agreement maybeterminatedimmediately if the Provider engages in fraud or misrepresentationswith regard to the provision of services.

  34. Student Enrollment Compliance • Section III–19: Only the Parents have the right to enroll or apply for enrollment for their children to participate in SES. Provider is prohibited from completing and submitting enrollment forms on behalf of Parents. Board is not required to enroll students submitting pre-populated or questionable forms.

  35. Student Enrollment Compliance (cont.) FDOE Compliances: • Providers are prohibited from distributing or filling out enrollment forms or recruiting students • Providers are prohibited from altering the form, distributing to parents, or enrolling students

  36. Student Enrollment Compliance (cont.) • Third parties (ex. community or church leaders, youth organizations, after care centers, etc.) may not act on behalf of the provider to duplicate, distribute, complete or submit forms for parents • Source – FDOE Conference Call for SES Providers – August 18, 2010

  37. Student Records - FERPA • Section III–20 requires compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Section 1022.22, Florida Statutes • Personally identifiable records or reports of students are confidential and exempt from public records • Student names may not be included in emails or attachments to district as they are public records

  38. Code of Ethics • Teachers, tutors, or assistants who are also Board employees are required to be compliant with Board Policy 3.02 (Code of Ethics) • Section III-24 (page 9) – Code of Ethics – Failure by Provider’s teachers, tutors, and assistants to agree and adhere to the EIC Code of Professional Conduct and Business Ethics…may be grounds for immediate termination

  39. Additional Compliances • Monitoring – staff members will make unannounced monitoring visits at tutorial sites utilizing the supplied monitoring instrument • Accident Reporting – PBCSD Form 0335 – Section III–10 (page 6) • Child Abuse Reporting – Section III–11 (page 6) 1-800-962-ABUSE • Supervision of students – Section III–13 (pages 6-7)

  40. SES TutoringHomepage •

  41. Questions?