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Unit 4 Earthquakes PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4 Earthquakes

Unit 4 Earthquakes

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Unit 4 Earthquakes

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  1. Unit 4 Earthquakes Period 1 Warming up and Reading I

  2. Earthquake

  3. Natural Disasters fire

  4. flood

  5. drought

  6. hurricane typhoon

  7. tsunami

  8. sandstorm

  9. A Brainstorming Map: Which disaster may cause the worst damage? earthquake fire flood volcano eruption sandstorm Natural Disasters tsunami typhoon (hurricane) mud-rock flow泥石流 landslide山体滑坡 dragon cyclone龙卷风 drought

  10. Which disaster may cause the worst damage? earthquake

  11. How much do you know about an earthquake? Many people died…… People lost their homes…. Many things were destroyed…..

  12. Say something about these two cities. Warming up Tangshan San Francisco Tangshanis a beautiful city with gardens, wide roads. San Franciscois a city with tall buildings thickly standing on the earth. These two cities are famous for their earthquakes

  13. 1.Where does the city of Tangshan lie? 2. Have you ever heard of the earthquake in Tangshan? 3. The Tangshan earthquake is really a great disaster to thehuman being and it almost destroyedthe whole city. Do you know when the earthquake happened ?

  14. Pre-reading :What do you think may happen before an earthquake? People can see bright lights in the sky. The sound of planes can be heard outside even when no planes are in the sky.

  15. Mice will run out of the fields looking for places to hide. Fish will jump out of the bowls or ponds. Chickens are flying and dogs are barking.and pigs and cows are too nervous to eat.

  16. Farmers’ wives will notice that the well has deep cracks in it. And the water in it rises and falls.

  17. Tangshan, Hebei July 28th, 1976

  18. 唐山大地震灾难 What damage did the earthquake cause?

  19. Roads got huge cracks.

  20. Steam burst from holes or wells in the ground.Water pipes were destroyed.

  21. Houses fell down. Brick buildings were destroyed.

  22. Dams and bridges fell down. Hard hills of rock became rivers of dirt .

  23. The railway tracks became useless pieces of steel.

  24. People died or were injured. Families were killed and many children were left without parents. In a few seconds, a large city lay in ruins. Everything was destroyed. It seems the world was at an end.


  26. Sum up the main idea of each part of the passage. (use one word to describe) signs Part 1: para 1 damage Part 2: para 2&3 recovery Part 3: para 4

  27. Sum up the main idea of each paragraph. (use one word to describe it) Reading-III----detailed reading (5m) Detail reading signs Para1 damages Para 2&3 recovery Para 4

  28. Fill in the blanks Strange signs before Earthquake fell rose smelly nervous Para.1 eat jumped ran 3:00 bright lights

  29. Fill in the blanks 3:42 greatest Damage caused by earthquake Steam dirt Bricks Para. 2-3 dams useless steel Sand electricity

  30. Para. 2-3 Data(数据) 1/3 • of the nation felt the earthquake . • A huge crack that was kilometres long and metres wide cut across houses. • In terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. • of the people died or were injured during the earthquake. • The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than . • All of the city’s hospitals, _ of its factories and buildings and of its homes were gone. 8 30 15 2/3 400,000 75% 90%

  31. Para 4 • How were the people helped by the army? • *The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead. • *Miners were rescued from the coal mines. • *Shelters were built for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. • *Fresh water was taken to the city.

  32. Comprending 1.Join the correct parts of the sentences.

  33. Writing a summary of each part 2 Before the earthquake strange things began to happen but no one paid attention to them. The earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan. The people were very shocked at the destruction. The army came to help the survivors, bringing hope for a new life.

  34. Tang shan’s new look

  35. Filling the blanks with the first given letter: Several days before July 28,1976,many s______ things happened in Tangshan. They were signs for the e_________. But people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think m____ of these. At 3:42am that day, the earth began to s_____, whichd_______ the city. trange arthquake uch hake estroyed

  36. Many people including workers and doctors, came to r_____ thoset______ under the ruins. Later that afternoon another big earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were killed or i_______ and more buildings f__ down. Soldiers were called in to help the rescue workers.Teams were organized to ________ the trapped andb____ the dead. rapped escue njured ell dig out ury

  37. Discussion What shall we do if an earthquake happens?

  38. Don’t be nervous and keep calm. • Don’t try to run out of the classroom. • Protect your head by putting your bag on your head. • Squat or sit down under your desk. • Leave the classroom after the earthquake.

  39. Can we stop earthquakes? We can’t stop earthquakes, but we can try to reduce the losses caused by earthquakes. To build houses as strong as possible; To build houses on rock rather than on sand. What can we do after earthquakes? Try to rescue people; Try to rebuild families; Try to forget sad experiences and live with strong belief.

  40. Homework • Copy the new words of unit4 • kick out the useful phrases by yourself. • Preview p28-29.