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Unit 4 Earthquakes PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4 Earthquakes

Unit 4 Earthquakes

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Unit 4 Earthquakes

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  1. Unit 4 Earthquakes

  2. Please guess the Chinese `meaning of this sentence “It is always calm before a storm.” 暴风雨来临前夕总是平静的。

  3. Look carefully at these photos. Describe what you see in the photos.

  4. Now, let’s imagine. If there has been a big earthquake. Describe what might happen to all the things in the photos.

  5. Unit 4 reading a night the earth didn't sleep

  6. Detailed Reading Please read the text in 5 minutes. please divide this text into three parts and get the main ideas of each part. (1). para.1 (2).Para 2—3 (3). Para 4

  7. Para 1: Strange things were happening in the countryside in northeast Hebei. Para 2-3: The disaster happened and caused a lot of loss. Para 4: All hope was not lost.

  8. List the strange things that happened before the earthquake according to Paragraph One: What happened to the wells? 1)Water rose and fell again and again. 2)Well walls had deep cracks and a smelly gas came out of the the cracks.

  9. What about the animals before the earthquake? 1)Chickens and pigs didn’t eat. 2)Mice ran out of the fields. 3)Fish jumped out bowls and ponds.

  10. What happened in the sky? 1)Bright lights appeared in the sky. 2)The sound of planes could be heard without any planes in the sky.

  11. Answer the following questions according to Paragraph Two 1)When did the Tangshan Earthquake , the greatest one of the 20th century happen? 2)How long did the earthquake last? 3)How many people were killed or injured in the earthquake?4)Did many children become orphans?Why?

  12. The Destroyed Tangshan Shengli Bridge

  13. A huge crack that was eight kilometres long and thirty metres wide cut across houses,roads and canals

  14. Right or wrong according to Paragraph Three or Four: 1)All of the city’s hospital ,factories,buildings and homes weren’t gone. 2)Within one day,Tangshan experienced more than one earthquake. 3)The government carried out the rescue quickly. 4)People lost their hearts and the city died. (R) (R) (R) (W)

  15. All the city’s hospitals ,75% of its factories and buildings and 90% of its homes were gone.

  16. The army sent 150,000 soldiers to Tangshan to help the rescue workers.

  17. To the north of the city, most of the 10,000 miners were rescued from the coal mines.

  18. Please do the exercise 2, comprehending in the student book on page 27. Answer: 3-1-5-2-4

  19. Fast Reading Please read the text again ,then do the multiple choice

  20. I. Please read the text in five minutes and do the multiple choice: 1. When did the first quake happen? A. July 28, 1976 B. July 27, 1976 C. Jun 28, 1976 D. July 28, 1975 2. How long did the first quake last? A. 13 seconds B. 15 seconds C. 14 seconds D. 16 seconds

  21. 3. How many people were killed or injured in the first quake? More than 40,000 B. Less than 400,000 C. More than 400,000 D. More than 900,000

  22. 4. How many areas of the nation can feel the earthquake? A. About 3.1 million m2 B. About 3.2 million m2 C. About 0.4 million m2

  23. 5. What does the writer mean when he/she says: “Slowly, the city began to breathe again.” ? A. Slowly, the city can really breath. B. People who live in the city can breath again. C. Slowly, people in the city can get their necessary things and live a normal life again.

  24. IV. Fill in Blanks Several days before July 28, 1976, many (1)s_______ things happened in Tangshan. They were signs for the (2)e_________ . But people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think (3)m_____ of these. At 3:42 am that day, the earth began to (4)s______ , which (5)d_________ the city. Many people, including workers and doctors, came to (6)r_______ those (7)t_______ under the ruins. Later that afternoon, another big trange arthquake uch hake estroyed escue rapped

  25. earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were killed or injured and more building (8)f____ down. Soldiers called in to help the rescue workers. (9)T_____ were organized to dig out the trapped and (10)b_____ the dead. ell eams ury

  26. V. Imaging, if Dongguan will has a earthquake in two days later, what should we do? You can discuss with you partners, and please answer the question after 3 minutes.