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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan

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  1. Lesson Plan By Tahseen Akhtar DA public school O&A levels phase Viii subject: English Syndicate 2 Venue: da skbz

  2. Action plan for grade III term 2011-2012 BOOK: OLW Launch into Literacy book 2 by Jane Medwell and Maureen Lewis Unit 1: Writing to express First term: Unit 2: Writing to inform Unit 3: Writing to entertain Final term Unit 4: Writing to explain Unit 5: Writing to persuade

  3. Writing to Express Unit 1: Expression of ideas through poems Writing a travel poem Pg. 16-17 Date: 22nd -26th August 2011 Duration: 8 periods

  4. Goal To adopt 21st century approaches to enhance students English reading, writing and comprehension skills. To change strategies with students to promote critical thinking. Focus on encouraging students instead of praising. Encourage collaboration among students.

  5. Objective • Analyzing : • To read, distinguish and comprehend the poems. • Evaluating: • Compare the common theme and different ways of exploring it. • Creativity: • Composing and assembling a poem. • To use language creatively and effectively in writing the poems.

  6. Instructional strategies and tasks To Plan: The students will be asked to read travel poems in order to analyze and evaluate the theme. They will brain storm all the different ways of travelling and different means of transport. The students will decide which of their ideas they will use from the brain storming. They will be given more choices of processes products and content in projects.

  7. Instructional strategies and tasks To Draft: To compose a poem, students will work on language of the sentences playing around with lots of different ideas. Students will draft the poems. To Revise: Revise the poems making alterations for improvement. To Publish: They will publish the poem for final display. They will display in the form of any travel vehicle eg: car, plane ship etc.

  8. Anticipated challenges and solution Challenge: Parents might not like the idea of composing a poem by grade III students. Solution: Teacher will inform the parents prior to the starting of the project.

  9. Timeline Analyzing the poems Unit 1 pg. no 4-9 Evaluating the poems unit1 pg. no 16-17 Week 1 Week 3 Week 4 Week 2 Creativity Publishing a poem Analyzing the poems unit 1 pg. no 11-15

  10. Evaluation • Assessment Points Criteria: As the children work, the teacher may wish to observe to what extend they can do the following: • Plan • First Draft • Revise • Edit • Final draft • Publish

  11. Resources OLW Launch into Literacy book 2 by Jane Medwell and Maureen Lewis. Teachers Guide OLW Launch into Literacy book 2 by Jane Medwell and Maureen Lewis. Intel teach program getting started course manual. Internet. Word processing and multimedia.

  12. Conclusion By implementing the newly acquired 21st century teaching approaches students will be empowered and will appreciate and gain better knowledge in writing a travel poem.

  13. Thank You!