name of the facilitator ms gowry bhat class n.
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lesson plan

lesson plan

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lesson plan

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  1. Name of the facilitator: Ms. Gowry Bhat Class/Section: 4A Subject: English No. of periods required: 1 [45 minutes] Date: 23-10-2020 Lesson Unit: Grammar Main Topic: Reported Speech Learning Outcomes: [2 minutes] At the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand specific information about reported speech, and will be able to speak by using reported speech. Instructional Objectives: ⮚Recall the definition of “Reported Speech” from the previous class. ⮚Identify the sentences whether they are in “Reported or Direct Speech”. ⮚Match the given words with the “reportedsituations” ⮚ according to the comics. ⮚Compare the different rules for direct and Indirect speech. ⮚Apply the rules of reported speech while speaking and writing The teacher shows some pictures to the students and they make sentences by using Reported Speech

  2. METHODOLOGY Introduction / Attention hook: [5 minutes] The Teacher will start by giving the students the below instructions. We are going to play a game. This game has no materials. We will start by having our class make a circle or the will call out the names in the current virtual classroom scenario. The teacher will start by asking a question about one of their friends and they will say whatever they learnt about the student who is on their left. They will make a sentence by using reported speech. Description: [10 minutes] The teacher will explain about the specific information on the “Reported speech” By recapitulation of the rules. Understanding about the game they just played Recollecting the scenarios where they used this kind of speech earlier. Follow the Learning Strategies Key questions to be covered/addressed during each activity: [5 mins] ⮚Where do we apply reported speech? ⮚Which person [First/Second/Third] is used while speaking or writing in reported speech? ⮚Is change of tense important while using ‘reported speech’ and why? Resources: White board. Anchor charts PPT Set of words [key words] for the matching activity Worksheet Quotes Slides for speaking activity

  3. Presentation/ learning Strategies to sustain students’ inquiry skills: [15 mins] Speaking: Teacher will show slides to the students and they will work in two groups. Students will fill in the blanks according to the other group paper. There are some gaps in their papers and they will ask some questions about the gaps each other by taking turns ,they will tell the sentences by using reported speech and the other student will fill the blanks according to his/her friend’s sentence Listening: Students listen to a dialogue about reported speech, take notes about reported speech and fill in the tables according to the dialogue. Writing: Writing reported speech for different quotes of famous people. Assessment opportunities: Worksheet assessing their understanding about the reported speech in the form of a weekly review. Differentiation [All/Most/some] All will understand the difference between Reported and Direct Speech. Most will be able to convert the direct into reported speech Some will be able to use reported speech while speaking and also in their writing Recapitulation/ Summary of the Lesson [ 5 minutes] The teacher would address the class at the end We have learned “Reported Speech” today and its usage areas. We can make sentences by using reported speech and we can speak by using it. Who can summarize the structure of Reported Speech and give an example?

  4. LEARNING CENTRES in the class: A corner in the class called “Post It” which will display the learning objectives and the ‘Anchor Charts” CLASSROOM DISPLAY: Anchor charts related to reported speech CRITICAL/ HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS: [5mins] ●Why do you think reported speech is important? ●How do you ask questions in a reported speech? ●Two important rules to be considered while changing into reported speech. BRAIN COMPATIBLE TEACHING STRATEGIES: V- Visuals & H – Humor [ through the comic strip]

  5. MI Applications VISUAL SKILLS They will watch the video to understand about the reported speech VERBAL-LINGUISTIC SKILLS INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Reported Speech Write the reported speech using the comic strips Whole class discussions REAL-LIFE CONNECTION They would be able to use the reported speech while speaking