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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan

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  1. Lesson Plan The Educators Reference Desk

  2. Title Listening: Telephone Conversation

  3. Grade Level Vocational Education, Adult/Continuing Education

  4. Subject(s) • Foreign Language/English Second Language • Vocational Education/Business

  5. Duration: 50 minutes

  6. Description • Students use telephone conversation as an listening/speaking activity to practice conversation. This lesson was originally used as part of a Business English Conversation class (Intermediate ESL/EFL).

  7. Goals • To improve students' listening skills. • To practice telephone conversations and greetings.

  8. Objectives • Students will be able to identify various job titles used in companies. • Students will be able to respond to questions asked in mock telephone conversations.

  9. Materials • prepared note cards containing different job titles found in a company (i.e. president, general manager, CEO, sales manager, secretary, accountant, assistant, vice-financial manager, etc.) • tape recorders with blank tapes

  10. Procedure(1) • Warm-up/Review: (10 minutes)Students are currently learning new vocabulary about job titles and departments within companies. During this period, students will practice identifying the job titles through listening. First, show students the note cards of the job titles and ask them to describe the job titles. For example, show them sales manager and ask, "What department does he work for?" Students will reply, "The sales and marketing department." Then ask, "What does he do?" The students will reply, "Sell goods/company products to the market/customers." This serves as a check to see if students know the new vocabulary.

  11. Procedure(2) • Pre-activity: (15 minutes)Pass out note cards to each student; everyone should have a job title. Then demonstrate the telephone conversation practice (of course, the opening/ending greetings of telephone conversation should be mentioned.) First say, "Hello, this is Kimberly from ABC Inc. May I speak to the general manager, please?" Then the student who has the job title general manager will stand up and answer, "Yes, this is general manager Tom speaking. May I help you?" Check to make sure all students know their job titles and practice simple conversation for greetings.

  12. Procedure(3) • Listening Activity: (20 minutes)Continue to call on students as during the pre-activity, but this time add more message information, such as checking the date/place for the meeting, giving a telephone number, an invitation for dinner, etc. Students should be able to get the message accurately and then repeat/reconfirm the message to the teacher—to check for understanding. If students don't understand or feel unclear, they can response, "Pardon me?" or "Can you repeat again more slowly?" During the conversation, the teacher should also note if students are using the polite form of conversation.

  13. Procedure(4) • Conclusion/Assignment: (5 minutes)The teacher can give students some suggestions and comments based on the outcomes of the listening activities.

  14. Assessment • Ask students to find a partner. Assign the task of designing their own telephone conversation. Students should use a tape recorder to record their conversation. Students should bring the recordings to the next class so that they can be used for whole class listening practice. Ideas for listening practice: • Call General Manager: to set up the time for Monday’s meeting. • Call Secretary: to cancel the conference for tomorrow afternoon. • Call Security Guard: to reserve four visitors' parking spots for next Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. • Call Marketing Manager: to change the time schedule for presenting the proposal in Nissan Inc. • Call President’s Assistant: to give the president his wife's new cellular phone number and ask him to return her call.