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Elements and Principles of Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Elements and Principles of Design

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Elements and Principles of Design
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Elements and Principles of Design

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  1. Elements and Principles of Design By: Tianna Buck

  2. Elements of Design Tone Brightness, deepness, or hue of a color Used to show mood/emotion, time and place in a painting, it can also be used to emphasis certain parts of a composition, it also draws out certain shapes Adds dimensions Color • Pigmentation of an object • Used to describe the mood of the picture and bring the viewer to a place in their mind/memory. Appeals to the viewers eyes.

  3. Elements of Design cont. Shape Flat, defined area, complex or simple shapes Used to show the appearance of geometric objects, represents; objects, ideas, people and places. Also adds dimensions Texture • The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface that appeals to your sight and touch senses • Used to show different landscapes, fabrics, make things seem more realistic. Also emphasizes specific features.

  4. Principles of Design Contrast Juxtaposition of different colors or textures Used to enhance brightness or clarity of a design, enhances specific parts of a composition, gives different characteristics to the painting by having opposites joined together Unity • Elements of a composition brought together by colors, shapes, textures, etc.. in unison • Used to show harmony and completion in art, similar colors, lines, textures and various other elements are used together

  5. Principles of Design cont. Balance Stability of colors, textures, tones, visual equality. Can be symmetrical or color balanced. Used to show emotions and moods along with equality by using elements like colors and shapes. Emphasis • Stress laid on a particular object, scene or space in an image • Used to show the importance of a certain object, scene or space by using color, shape, texture