earth day information brochure n.
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Earth day Information brochure! PowerPoint Presentation
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Earth day Information brochure!

Earth day Information brochure!

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Earth day Information brochure!

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  1. Type a caption for your photo What is your topic? (Write facts below about your topic) You can use this fresh, professional brochure just as is or easily customize it. We’ve included a few tips throughout the template to help you get started. To replace any tip text (such as this) with your own, just click it and begin typing. To replace photos in the brochure, select an image and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon in the placeholder to insert your own photo. To change the logo to your own, right-click the picture “replace with LOGO” and choose Change Picture. Who Created this Brochure? About Us PUT YOUR NAMES HERE! Ms. Reche’s Earth day project! Earth day Informationbrochure! Write your topic here

  2. Here are a couple of ideas… Why is (your topic) relevant to Earth Day? Write your answer here! What can we do to help (your topic)? Write your answer here! Include a quote here written by someone important about your topic! What is Earth Day? Write your answer here! Type a caption for your photo Don’t forget to include some specifics about what you offer, and how you differ from the competition. Why should we care about (your topic)? Write your answer here!