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Chapter 6

Ch. 6-2. Writing Plan for an Information Request. Opening:Ask the most important question first or express a polite command.Body:Explain the request logically and courteously. Ask other questions if necessary. Use enumerations. Closing:Request a specific action with an

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Chapter 6

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    1. Ch. 6-1 Chapter 6 Routine Letters and Goodwill Messages

    2. Ch. 6-2 Writing Plan for an Information Request Opening: Ask the most important question first or express a polite command. Body: Explain the request logically and courteously. Ask other questions if necessary. Use enumerations. Closing: Request a specific action with an end date, if appropriate, and show appreciation.

    3. Ch. 6-3 Information Request Three-Paragraph Letter Paragraph 1. Ask for information. Paragraph 2. State your questions using enumerations1) 2) 3) or bullets. Paragraph 3. Request specific action with an end date.

    4. Ch. 6-4 Request Letter Example Dear Mr. Smith As a recent college graduate entering the business world, I am interested in building an investment portfolio. Please send the information that answers the following questions about your investment program. What would be the required minimum initial investment? Do you offer the following investments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or utility funds. Which bond (discount or premium) is better to invest. Your answers to the above questions by June 1, 200-, would be appreciated. You may send the information to me at the above address. Sincerely (Remember always use a letter and return address with the current date. Use full block with all paragraphs beginning at the left margin.)

    5. Ch. 6-5 Weak: Ive been given the task of locating a convention site for my companys meeting. Ive checked a number of places, and your hotel looks possible. Improved: Will you please answer the following questions regarding possible accommodations at the Hyatt Regency for a conference in May. Improving Openers for Routine Request Letters

    6. Ch. 6-6 Weak: While reading WIRED magazine, I noticed an offer of a free video describing your Web-building software. Improved: Please send me your free video describing your Web-building software. Improving Openers for Routine Request Letters

    7. Ch. 6-7 Improving Openers for Routine Request Letters Weak: I am conducting a training class for students of photography at the Lincoln Training Center, and I saw a picture that we would like to use in our program. Improved: What is the procedure for ordering a copy of a photograph to be used for training purposes?

    8. Ch. 6-8 Weak: Thanks for any information you provide. Improved: We would appreciate receiving answers to these questions before April 4 so that we will have plenty of time to plan our conference. Improving Closings for Routine Request Letters

    9. Ch. 6-9 Weak: Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Improved: Please send the video by August 15. Improving Closings for Routine Request Letters

    10. Ch. 6-10 Improving Closings for Routine Request Letters Weak: Thank you for your cooperation. Improved: Your answer to my inquiry will help me make my printer choice. Thanks!

    11. Ch. 6-11 Parts of a Business Letter

    12. Ch. 6-12 Parts of a Business Letter

    13. Ch. 6-13 Parts of a Business Letter

    14. Ch. 6-14 Writing Plan for an Order Request Opening: Authorize purchase of items. Suggest method of shipping. Body: List items vertically. Provide quantity, order number, description, and unit price. Closing: Request shipment by a specific date. Tell method of payment. Express appreciation. (See your book for examples of this letter. Remember always use a return and letter address with the current date.)

    15. Ch. 6-15 Writing Plan for a Simple Claim Opening: Describe clearly the desired action. Body: Explain the nature of the claim. Tell why the claim is justified. Provide details regarding the action requested. Closing: End pleasantly with a goodwill statement. Include end dating if appropriate.

    16. Ch. 6-16 Writing Plan for Granting a Claim Subject Line (optional): Identify previous correspondence. Opening: Grant the request or announce an adjustment immediately. Body: Provide details about how you are complying with the request. Try to regain the readers confidence. Include resale or sales promotion if appropriate. Closing: End positively with forward-looking thought. Express confidence in future business dealings.

    17. Ch. 6-17 Direct Plan Letter with a Sales Appeal Paragraph Dear Mr. Li Your replacement travel bag purchased on invoice #3020 for $49 on April 25, 200-, will reach you by June 1, 200-. Fast delivery of the order is our way of proving to you that we value your business. Because your business is important to us, we have carefully examined the handling of your order. It was determined that the travel bag was damaged during packaging. Our manager of packaging has assured me that this will not happen again. Mr. Li, our travel accessories are becoming very popular with our travel clients. You may wish to examine our new brochure describing our new line of travel products. If you place an order by July 1, 200-, we will give you a 10% discount. Please call us or e-mail us to place your order. Thank you for your business. We look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely (Remember one idea per paragraph. Note that in the 3rd paragraph you are trying to sell another product to the client. Begin this letter with the good news that their product will be replaced.)

    18. Ch. 6-18 Writing Plan for a Letter of Recommendation Opening: Identify the applicant, the position, and the reason for writing. Establish your relationship with the applicant. Body: Describe applicants job duties; give specific examples of skills and attributes. Compare with others in field. Closing: Summarize applicants significant attributes. Offer an overall rating. Draw a conclusion regarding the recommendation.

    19. Ch. 6-19 1. Letters of appreciation To customers for their business To hosts and hostesses for their hospitality To colleagues for jobs well done To individuals who have performed favors Three Kinds of Goodwill Messages

    20. Ch. 6-20 Goodwill Letter Three-Paragraph Letter Paragraph 1. State thank you. Paragraph 2. Be specific about the contribution. For example, if the person is congratulating you on your degree, then be specific how this person helped. Paragraph 3. Closing. Thank again.

    21. Ch. 6-21 2. Letters of congratulation For engagements, marriages, anniversaries, births For promotions, appointments For awards For any significant event Three Kinds of Goodwill Messages

    22. Ch. 6-22 Three Kinds of Goodwill Messages 3. Letters of sympathy To console a friend, relative, or loved one

    23. Ch. 6-23 Typical Greeting Card Thank-You Message Goodwill Messages: Cards or Personalized Letters?

    24. Ch. 6-24 Personalized Thank-You Letter Goodwill Messages: Cards or Personalized Letters?

    25. Ch. 6-25 Goodwill Messages: Cards or Personalized Letters? Personalized Thank-You Letter

    26. Ch. 6-26 Be selfless. Discuss the receiver, not the sender. Be specific. Instead of generic statements (You did a good job), include special details (Your marketing strategy to target key customers proved to be outstanding). Tips for Writing Goodwill Messages

    27. Ch. 6-27 Be sincere. Show your honest feelings with conversational, unpretentious language (We're all very proud of your award). Be spontaneous. Strive to make the message natural, fresh, and direct. Avoid canned phrases (If I may be of service, please do not hesitate . . . . ). Tips for Writing Goodwill Messages

    28. Ch. 6-28 Tips for Writing Goodwill Messages Keep the message short. Remember that, although they may be as long as needed, most goodwill messages are fairly short.

    29. Ch. 6-29 Cover three points in gift thank-yous. Identify the gift. Tell why you appreciate it. Explain how you will use it. Writing Thank-Yous

    30. Ch. 6-30 Be sincere in sending thanks for a favor. Tell what the favor means to you. Avoid superlatives and gushiness. Maintain credibility with sincere, simple statements. Writing Thank-Yous

    31. Ch. 6-31 Writing Thank-Yous Offer praise in expressing thanks for hospitality. As appropriate, compliment the following:

    32. Ch. 6-32 Answering Congratulatory Messages Respond to congratulations. Send a brief note expressing your appreciation. Tell how good the message made you feel. Accept praise gracefully. Don't make belittling comments (I'm not really all that good!) to reduce awkwardness or embarrassment.

    33. Ch. 6-33 Refer to the loss or tragedy directly but sensitively. In the first sentence mention the loss and your personal reaction. For deaths, praise the deceased. Describe positive personal characteristics (Howard was a forceful but caring leader). Extending Sympathy

    34. Ch. 6-34 Extending Sympathy Offer assistance. Suggest your availability, especially if you can do something specific. End on a reassuring, positive note. Perhaps refer to the strength the receiver finds in friends, family, colleagues, or religion.

    35. Ch. 6-35 Example of Welcome Goodwill Letter Dear Mr. Biggs On behalf of Scooters International Co., Ltd., I would like to welcome you as a new customer. I was pleased to learn this morning that you have ordered several dozen scooters from us; and I want you to know that all of our personnel are ready to assist with the filling and shipping of the order. We sincerely appreciate your business, and we will do our best to make your association with us both pleasant and profitable for you. Sincerely

    36. Ch. 6-36 Goodwill LetterThank You or Holiday Letter Dear Mr. Han Happy New Year! We want to start the new year by sending a big thank you for your support this last year. Your business has been very important to us. Enclosed please find our new brochure advertising our various products. You may wish to visit our Web site at http://www.scooter.com for additional information. In the coming year we will do our best to serve you in every way. May the new year be a happy and successful one for you. Sincerely

    37. Ch. 6-37 Congratulations Letter Dear Mrs. Sequin Congratulations on being awarded the Consumer Health Affairs #1 rating for the 200- year. This rating is quite an accomplishment and you deserve it. With this rating you join the ranks of the finest health agencies in the world. The fine health magnet products that you have developed for members the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is commendable. Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success. We look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely

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    39. Ch. 6-39 End

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