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Magna Carta

Magna Carta

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Magna Carta

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  1. Magna Carta By: Matthew Tolocka, and Andrew Ferguson

  2. Introduction Imagine a world with constant taxes for no reason and trials that were decided by a single person in close relation to the king. A place where a king controls everything in your life. Without the Magna Carta, the world would be run like this.

  3. Background Data The Magna Carta was signed document used to give right to the people and limit the kings power. It was signed at Runnymede, England on June 15,1215. It was written in Latin on a piece of parchment. It also helped form the government we have today. After the signing, a war between the Barrens and the King broke out, completely ending feudalism. After the war, the government body known as parliament was formed by 25 Barrens. The war was not over though until King John died.

  4. Facts & Statistics • The name “Magna Carta” means “The Great Charter”. • Today, only 3 of the 63 clauses are valid. • There was multiple Magna Carta’s made, which were distributed among multiple people.

  5. Significance The Magna Carta, although barely used today, does have much significance. Without it, we would not have modern democracies. We would not have the rights we have today and would most likely be ruled by a king.

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  7. Class activity • First, everyone get into groups 3-5 • Second, we will pass out 1 copy of the Magna Carta to every group • Your job is to find at least 5 laws that need to be “updated” for the 21st century.

  8. Ready For The Quiz? • In the final minutes of the presentation you will take a quiz. • Don’t worry, you won’t be graded. • This is just to see what you know. • Now stay in your original groups and answer these questions as a team. • Good Luck!

  9. Quiz Answers Questions • The King of what country was forced to sign the Magna Carta? • England • John • Which King Signed The Magna Carta? • 1215 • False • What year was the Magna Carta signed? • A Civil war between the barons and the King broke out. • True or false: Both thought the agreement was good for the country and had every intention of keeping it? • What happened after the document was signed?

  10. Quiz (Continued) Questions Answers • In what language was the Magna Carta written in? • Latin • What government body was eventually formed the council of 25 Barons? • Parliament • True or False: Some of the clauses of the Magna Carta are still in force as English law. • True • What finally put an end to the civil war between the barons and the king? • King John died • The right for each free man to vote for king. • Which of the below was NOT a part of the Magna Carta? • The right for each free man to vote. • No-one is to be distrained to do more service for a knight’s fee. • Common pleas are not to follow our court but are to be held in a certain fixed place.

  11. Quiz (Continued) Questions Answers • True or False: Heirs are able to be married with disparagement. • False • True • True or False: No-one is to be distrained to do more service for a knight’s fee. • False • True or False: Sheriff, constable, corner or any other of our bailiffs are allowed to hold pleas of our crown. • False • True • True or False: A free man is henceforth to give or sell any more of his land to anyone, unless the residue of his land is sufficient to render due service to the lord of the fee as pertains to that fee. • True or False: Common pleas are not to follow our court but are to be held in a certain fixed place.

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