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Magna Carta

Magna Carta

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Magna Carta

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  1. Magna Carta By: Sofía Montoya Vélez The Columbus School February 27, 2013 13

  2. INTRODUCTION Did youeverwonderwhy 785 yearsagothetaxeswherehigh and hownowtheyarent so high? The Magna Carta was a documentsignedby King Jhon in June 1215 and ittook place at England. TheBaronsforced King Jhontosignthe Magna Carta. Bymaking King Jhonsignthe Magna Carta reducinghispower, ledtohisincrediblepracticestoday. IftheBaronswouldn’tforce King Jhontosignthe Magna Carta, taxeswouldstill be so bigtoday.

  3. INTRODUCTION If King Jhonwouldn’tLost in Normandy he woudn’timpose new taxesontheKnights and the Magna Carta wouldn’texist. King Jhonwasdefeated at Battle of Bouvines and he toldeveryonethat he was a Vassal of the Pope.

  4. ACCOMPLISHMENTS The Magna Carta was a great acomplishment because it helped lower taxes. The Barons taked a good desicion by making King Jhon sign the Magna Carta.if the Barons wouldn't make King Jhon sign the Magna Carta, the taxes wouldn't decrease for the Knights and today hey would be high. And maybe people couldn't pay it. If they wouldn'y lost in Normandy the feudal and royal rights wouldn't explote.

  5. ACCOMPLISHMENTS What made them famous was that Barons forced King Jhon to sign it. What also helped was that when he lost in the Battle of Bouvines he needed to assemble all the Barons in Runnymede. Pope Innocent annulled it. The child name Henry lll reissued it and it was canceled by the Parliament. Later they secured the government by tyranny.

  6. OUTLINE Themajordifficultiesfacedby King Jhonwhere. Whenoccuredthelost of Normandybecause feudal and royal rightswentdown. ThatcausedthatKnightshadtopayhighertaxes. By that cause the Magna Carta appeared. Ifthatwouldn’thappentaxeswould be hightoday.

  7. OUTLINE AnotherdifficultywaswhentheylosttheBattle of Bouvines and King Jhontoldeveryone he was a Vassal of the Pope. Laterlateritwasanulledbyking and Innocentlll. The childnamed Henry lllreprintit. It wascanceledbywhatisnamedParliament. It securedgovernment.

  8. IMPORTANCE TheMagna Carta wasveryimportantbecauseiftheBaronswouldn’tforce King Jhontosignthe Magna Carta thetaxeswillstill be veryhigh. Maybepeopletodaycouldn’taffordtopayit. The Magna Carta helpedthedevelopment of thegovernment. Italsohelpedtosecuregovernment.

  9. BENEFITS Theefforts of King Jhon and thebaronswhere grate. Ithelpsthepeoplethatcan’tpaythem. Itmakesstrongerthejustice. You can buy more food and clothebecausethetaxesaren’t so high. Ithelpedreducedthepower of thekingwiththetaxes.

  10. TIMELINE 1213 1214 June 15, 1215 King Jhondefeated at theBattle of Bouvines King JhontaxonKnights King Jhonsignedthe Magna Carta

  11. TIMELINE August 24, 1215 1258 The Magna Carta wassanctionedbythe Great Council calledParliament. King and Pope Innocentannulledthe Magna Carta