georgia s transportation systems and businesses n.
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Georgia’s Transportation Systems and Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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Georgia’s Transportation Systems and Businesses

Georgia’s Transportation Systems and Businesses

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Georgia’s Transportation Systems and Businesses

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  1. Georgia’s TransportationSystemsand Businesses

  2. Standard SS8G2 The student will explain how the Interstate Highway System, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Georgia’s deepwater ports, and the railroads help drive the state’s economy. a. Explain how the four transportation systems interact to provide domestic and international goods to the people of Georgia.

  3. b. Explain how the four transportation systems interact to provide producers and service providers in Georgia with national and international markets. c. Explain how the four transportation systems provide jobs for Georgians. Essential Question How do Georgia’s transportation systems provide jobs for Georgians?

  4. Today’s Agenda Opening: “Georgia’s Interstates”, video Work Session: ~ PowerPoint Notes ~ Video Log Closing: “Coca-Cola”, video

  5. Interstates Video Log Record at least 2 facts that will be shared.

  6. Interstate Highway System ~ After WWII President Eisenhower wanted to connect major cities for national defense and to improve the economy ~ Many interstates run through Atlanta making it a huge highway transportation hub ~ I-95 and I-75 connects Georgia to numerous states ~ Tractor Trailers transport goods on interstates from factories to other states and to sea ports for shipping overseas

  7. I-95

  8. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport ~ located in Atlanta ~ one of the busiest airports in the world ~ processes more than 1,000 planes daily that carry people and cargo ~ flights from Atlanta go to 5 continents ~ houses 32 airlines and 200 concessions making it one of the largest employers in the state

  9. Deepwater Ports (Shipping) ~ the majority of products imported and exported travel on large container ships ~ products from all over world enter our country through Georgia’s shipping ports ~ automobiles & bulk goods come through Brunswick port ~ container cargo come through Savannah port (4th busiest port in the U.S.)

  10. Railroads ~ created in Georgia during the mid 1800’s to link major cities in the state together (Athens, Augusta, & Savannah) ~ many new cities sprung up around rail lines (including Atlanta) ~ travel by rail dominated for 130 years but decreased as interstate highways increased ~ today trains carry cargo in and out of our state as well as people ~ CSX & Norfolk Southern (cargo) and Amtrak (people)

  11. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Video Log Record at least 2 facts that will be shared.

  12. Railroads Video Log Record at least 2 facts that will be shared.

  13. Georgia Businesses SS8E3 The student will evaluate the influence of Georgia’s economic growth and development. c. Evaluate the importance of entrepreneurs in Georgia who developed such enterprises as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Georgia-Pacific, and Home Depot.

  14. Coca-Cola • Invented in Atlanta in 1885 by John S. Pemberton as a tonic (medicine) • Purchased and expanded by Asa Candler • Sold in 1919 for $25 million • Robert Woodruff grew company to billions of dollars in sales a year • Woodruff and Candler were generous givers to worthy charities

  15. Georgia-Pacific • Founded in 1927 as a wholesaler of hardwood lumber • Headquartered in Atlanta • Employs more than 45,000 at approximately 300 locations worldwide • Has expanded to include tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals • Acquired by Koch Industries in 2005 • Has a larger factory in Rincon, Georgia (Effingham County)

  16. Delta Airlines • 1924 Huff Daland crop-dusting operation was founded • 1928 bought by Woolman and renamed Delta Air Services • 1929 offers first passenger flight • Today is largest airline in the world (based on number of passengers)

  17. Home Depot • Founded in 1978 • Vision was one-stop shopping for the do-it-yourselfer • Opened 1st two stores in Atlanta, GA in 1979 • Stores in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and China

  18. Coca-Cola Video Logs Record at least 2 facts to share with the class.

  19. Independent Work Coach Book Lessons 32 and 40 Please respond by writing both the letter and complete answer Place in the shelf when complete