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American Foreign Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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American Foreign Policy

American Foreign Policy

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American Foreign Policy

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  1. American Foreign Policy Nationalism Helped Guide American Foreign Policy in the early 1800s

  2. Key Vocabulary and Key People Key Vocabulary Nationalism Era of Good Feelings Monroe Doctrine Key People Simon Bolivar

  3. Pride in a Job well done • As The Nation celebrated the success of the War of 1812, Nationalism drove the spirit of the country • The Era of Good Feelings Promoted American Growth and Superiority in the United States • The United States began to show that they were ready to take their place on the world stage as a TOP POWER

  4. Always a NEW problem to deal with • Latin and Central America Began to Push for Independence, and Simon Bolivar used American Ideals to gain freedom • While Spain was losing Land in the United States, Many of their colonies in the Americas started to declare independence • President Monroe began to worry that these newly independent countries would be taken over by other European Powers • Monroe was also concerned about the increased Russian Presence in The Pacific Northwest

  5. Is there a Doctrine in the House? • Monroe did not want to be involved in any European wars for colonies, but stated that the United States supported the Independence movement in the Americas • Britain Also supported the Independence movement of Latin America and wanted to protect their new trade relationships • President Monroe would issue the Monroe Doctrine making the United States the protectors of the Americas

  6. The Monroe Doctrine • The Monroe Doctrine stated that: • The United States would stay out of European Affairs • The United States would recognize and not interfere with existing European Colonies • The Western Hemisphere was off limits to future colonization • Any Attempt of colonization by Europe would be a hostile act and could lead to war

  7. Welcome to the world of being a Top Power • The Monroe Doctrine would be Strongly criticized by European Nations BUT not challenged • The United States continues to be a Protector of the Americas and a Top World Power • While trying to LARGELY avoid involvement, the united states has had to intervene in the region

  8. Treason • Treason is acting out AGAINST the government of your home country • The United States was controlled by the Government of Great Britain • We Declared our Independence from Great Britain which was ACTING OUT against them • WANTING is now an ACTION….when we act out for what we want that is TREASON

  9. This Has Been another World Famous Mr. Green PowerPoint Presentation We NEED to get this Treason topic under control!