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Research Paper: How to do it the right way… PowerPoint Presentation
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Research Paper: How to do it the right way…

Research Paper: How to do it the right way…

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Research Paper: How to do it the right way…

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  1. Research Paper: How to do it the right way… source cards Note Cards Thesis Statements First Paragraph First Draft Final Paper Documentation information

  2. Source Cards • Source cards are sometimes called Bibliography cards. • You will need a total of 5 sources: • One is already done for you – • The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman • The other four: • Two books • Two internet sources • You should list ALL SOURCES USED. • Annotated means: “to furnish with notes”

  3. Sample: Source Card Smith, Carol, The Eye: How the Iris is the Color of the Personality. New York: Trident Press, 1996. Print.

  4. Another Sample Gaines, Ernest, J. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. New York: Bantam Books, 1971. **** refer to Elements of Language text, pg 214. Yes, you were supposed to take note on this already.

  5. Source Cards • You should have 5 3 x 5 index cards. • You must turn in Source cards April 25 and 26. • This is for a grade. You are receiving a grade everyday we are in the library or computer lab based on the work you are (or not) completing. Didn’t I tell you that before? My bad. • Each Source card should have its own number and correspond to your note cards.

  6. Did you just ask: “What are Note Cards?” So glad you asked…

  7. Note Cards • You will have 20 or more 4 x 6 inch white lined note cards. • You MUST write in blue or black ink. • There are three basic type of notes: • A direct quote repeats the words of the source exactly. Quotation marks are present around the quoted material. It must be documented. • A paraphrase repeats an idea from the source but uses different words. It must be documented. • A summary repeats in different words and at the same time condenses an idea taken from the source. It must be documented.

  8. Note Cards • Use a separate card for each note so you can order and reorder them later on. • Try to limit each card to one or two sentences or a single idea or topic. • By focusing on one main idea, you can more easily group and reorganize your cards later.

  9. Note Cards • When quoting, it is very important you copy each letter and punctuation mark exactly. • In paraphrasing or summarizing, you need to make sure that you put the material into your own words, you do not change the meaning.

  10. Note Cards: Page References • Give this reference for all written sources except article in encyclopedias • From a single page: write that number after the quote • From consecutive pages: write first and last numbers as follows: 1-4 • For numbers after 99: use only last two digits of second number: 110-15 • For nonconsecutive pages in periodicals: give number of the first page followed by a plus sign: 76+ • If there are no pages given, write: n. p.

  11. Note Cards: A Sample

  12. Note Cards: A Sample

  13. When are they due? We are going to check note cards everyday we in the library. • Official checking date is My 2nd and 3rd. • Yes, it is for a grade DeShon! What a silly question!

  14. Thesis Statements • One main reason thesis papers fail is due to lack of a specific and clear thesis. • The thesis is your main point – the central idea of your paper. • A thesis in NEVER A QUESTION. • A thesis statement sums up in one sentence what you are going to prove in your paper. • You must formulate your thesis before you begin writing. It helps you stick to your topic as you write.

  15. Thesis Statements • A good thesis statement is specific. • This means that the statement indicates exactly what the main point of your paper is but avoids vague generalities. General Teaching is a noble profession. Better The first grade teacher is responsible for the most important skill we possess: reading.

  16. Thesis Statements General: The United States should not be so wasteful. Better: Nearly every American wastes hundred of pounds of paper each year.

  17. Page Set up First Name Last name Last name, 1 Mrs. Young Class Color 18 May 2012 Social Injustice Over Time Ernest J. Gaines examines the changing times in his novel The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Supposedly

  18. Typing Rules • 12 font • Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, Footlight, Eras Light ITC. • Double spaced • 8 ½ x 11 white paper • No folders • One staple, upper left corner • Must have a work cited and parenthetical documentation or it will NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!!

  19. Banished Words You may NOT use the following words in your paper: • I • You or your • A lot • Always • Never • & or other like symbols • Abbreviations • Contractions (do not instead of don’t) • So • Like ** Of course if the word is in a direct quote, you may use it.

  20. Parenthetical Documentation and Works Cited Page The “how to”

  21. When to use documentation • Direct Quote • Paraphrasing • Summary • Not your own words or thoughts

  22. Okay - • Due to lack of space my examples are typed using single spacing – • You need to know that your papers must be double spaced or they will NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!! • Really not kidding about that either -

  23. When to use documentation • Each documentation must have a set of parenthesis ( ) • Each Documentation must have the author’s name or the title • Each documentation must have the page number, if provided • There are no commas in the documentation • The end mark follows the closing of the parenthesis ( ).

  24. MORE RULES!!! • If you use the author’s name in the text of your paper, simply place the page numbers in the ( ). In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin states that he prepared a list of thirteen virtues (135).

  25. Need More Help? Go to my website and look under the “Links” page. Even though library sources give you the MLA format, you can go to these websites for additional help. Questions?

  26. Due Dates Papers are due by May 17 and 18. Make sure you bring a hard copy, paper in hand to class. No one will be excused to “go print” with a flash/jump or any other type of drive! Absence is NOT AN EXCUSE FOR NOT TURNING IN A PAPER. DO NOT email or fax your paper. It will NOT BE PRINTED OR ACCEPTED.