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Call to Order

Call to Order

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Call to Order

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  1. Hmmm… interesting. Psssst! *mumble mumble mumble* Call to Order Please answer the following in your notebooks Why do politicians listen to some people more than others?

  2. Gov’t Requirement 3.1.1:The students will evaluate demographic factors related to political participation, public policy, and government policies. Students will be able to evaluate demographic and population factors on public policy decisions by • Examining the demographics of the USA and Baltimore • Examining how demographics reflect political participation • Analyzing the effect of demographics on policy issues Today’s Objective

  3. The number of people who live in a particular place. Population

  4. As populations change, so do the governments of those people. • What things did government need to provide more of between 1900 and 1950? • What things did government need to provide less of between 1950 and 2000?

  5. What states lost population? Recall: Reapportionment What states gained population?

  6. Statistical information about specific populations. Our society has changed over time.. What is the effect of this type of change on Americans as a whole? 98% of Americans have at least one TV set. Demographics

  7. Statistical information about specific populations. 80% of children age 12-17 have a Facebook profile VS. Demographics

  8. This Chicago newspaper ran an incorrect headline after they conducted telephone polling to try and “forecast” the winner of the 1948 Presidential Election • Back in 1948, only wealthier households had telephones. • So the newspaper tried to predict who the winner was to get the story first, but was totally wrong!

  9. What do the racial demographics of Baltimore say about it as a city? Racial Demographics of Baltimore (2009)

  10. Break it down and compare it to the rest of the US… How is the racial composition of Baltimore different from that of the U.S.? U.S.A. Baltimore Baltimore U.S.A. U.S.A.

  11. Look at this breakdown of Baltimore’s household income. What issues will politicians have to focus on if they want to get elected in Baltimore City?

  12. How does Baltimore’s education level influence its government? Education Levels in Baltimore

  13. Take a look at some of the other graphs and figure out what politicians are going to do in order to appeal to the groups that are most likely to vote. Examine the Demographics from the 2008 Presidential Election

  14. Social Security is a gov’t program started in 1935 that gives checks to elderly citizens who no longer work (retired) WHERE’S MY GOV’T MONEY?!? Demographics can also help us to predict the future!

  15. Baby Boom! The birth rate in the United States skyrockets as soldiers return from the war and to their families. Americans now feel like the world is a safer place to raise a family and respond by having kids. World War II happens and about 15 million American men are involved in the war effort But when the men get back home, the good times roll! But how could that be a problem?

  16. But how could that be a problem?

  17. Population of American over 65 Years old Eventually, those Baby Boomers are going to be ready to retire… • Social Security Costs will double • Too Many Elderly collecting benefits without enough taxes coming in from young workers.

  18. One last thing… In the space provided on the back of your sheet, create a drawing of the MOST LIKELY voter looks like.