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Call to Order

Call to Order

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Call to Order

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  1. Call to Order Why do we have programs like food stamps and Medicaid? Are they necessary? Why or why not?

  2. Public Assistance Programs In order to “PROMOTE the general welfare” of all citizens, the government must provide help for families that cannot meet their needs. What is poverty? What needs might someone living in poverty have?

  3. Poverty and Public Assistance What does it mean to be in poverty? What things does the gov’t need to provide? Food Health care Child care Recreation Centers Post retirement income

  4. Food Stamps THE Supplemental Nutrition assistance program (SNAP) provides ELECTRONIC BENEFIT TRANSFER (EBT) CARDS with monetary value to be used on foods. 1 in 8 Americans use food stamps. The average benefit is $133.12 per person per month.

  5. The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Provides healthcare and nutrition to pregnant or nursing mothers as well as those with children under five years of age.

  6. Social Security Provides income to retirees. The government takes out some of your paycheck that you can collect when you retire.

  7. Limits to Social Security However, right now, your social security money is helping to pay current retirees. Who will pay yours?

  8. Demographics can also help us to predict the future! Social Security is a gov’t program started in 1935 that gives checks to elderly citizens who no longer work (retired) WHERE’S MY GOV’T MONEY?!?

  9. But how could that be a problem? Baby Boom! The birth rate in the United States skyrockets as soldiers return from the war and to their families. Americans now feel like the world is a safer place to raise a family and respond by having kids. World War II happens and about 15 million American men are involved in the war effort But when the men get back home, the good times roll!

  10. But how could that be a problem? Let me gaze into the future…

  11. Population of American over 65 Years old Eventually, those Baby Boomers are going to be ready to retire… • Social Security Costs will double • Too many elderly will be collecting benefits without enough taxes coming in from young workers.

  12. Medicare Provides health insurance to people 65 and older who have lived in the US for at least 5 years.

  13. Medicaid Provides health coverage for low-income people. People in poverty may be denied Medicaid if they do not meet certain criteria.