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Rocks and Minerals PowerPoint Presentation
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Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals

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Rocks and Minerals

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  1. Rocks and Minerals Stephanie G.

  2. Olivine is rare. Rare and Common Quartz are common. Platinum, silver and gold are all rare and valuable. A kind of quartz. Fast Fact Did you know that in about 3 miles in the earths crust you can find rocks.

  3. How they are Useful Feldspars=pink and white Granite is a mineral and is useful to make countertops. In some granite you can see the minerals from eye. They are also useful to collect. Mica = black Quartz= Gray

  4. Igneous Rocks Igneous rocks are formed when molten magma from deep within the earths crust and upper mantle cools. The pitchstone The two types are intrusive and extrusive. This is a mineral called pitchstone. It is a extrusive rock witch means it is lave from an volcano and then cools on the surface. Granite is an intrusive rock, witch means that they solidify within the Earth’s crust and only appear at the surface after the rocks above them have been eroded away.

  5. Rocks that are formed by volcanic activity are in to groups. Plyroclastic rocks and acid and solid rocks. Volcanic Rocks Basic lavas Plyroclastic Rocks Means fire-broken an apt name for rocks that consist of rock and lava pieces that were shattered apart by exploding gases. Runny lavas are basically fast- flowing and spread out quickly to spread vast areas. Multi- colored basalt sparkling points in this basalt include green olivine and black pyroxene crystals. A fact about rocks jumbled pieces are that a force of exspoltion may cause rocks to fragments.! A plyroclastic rock.

  6. Sedimentray rocks are when rocks and minerals are eroded and then beated down to smaller rocks and minerals. The sediment may eventually be carried to a new site often at a sea or river. Usually, the particles will form to new rocks, known as sediments. Sedimentary rocks Believe it or not chalk is made out of limestone. The Grand Canyon was formed my erosion using red sandstone and limestone.

  7. Marble TajMahal Marble is a metamorphosed limestone made of a variety of other rocks. Marble has been used for sculpting practically Greek gods. Art work in Taj Mahal Believe it or not the Taj Mahal is made out of assorted marble.

  8. Rocks From Space Every year about 19,000 meteorites each weighing about 4 oz. fall on the earth and mostly fall in seas or dessert. They are meteorites that survive their fall from space. The Murchison meteorite feel in Astralia in 1969. This is a sediment of it. Some Famous Metorites • The Nakhla Stone • The Barwell meteorite • The Murchison meteorite

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