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Inventions past , present , future PowerPoint Presentation
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Inventions past , present , future

Inventions past , present , future

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Inventions past , present , future

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  1. Inventionspast, present, future

  2. Introduction There are lots of things that we use every day that were invented by someone. We might ask ourselves these questions:  Why did people invent these things? Did this invention make their life easier?  Did this invention solve a problem?  What current inventions in our world could be made better?

  3. Task You will be investigating an invention. You will be required to research the invention and what problem it solved. You will take the information you learned about the invention and make the invention better. You will then persuade people in your group to buy your improved invention.

  4. Process STEP 1 Reserach an Invention Click on resources to find the different websites. Each person in your group gets to choose one website to browse from the resources page. Browse your website. Then each person in the group will answer the questions on research guideabout an invention. Choose your invention carefully because you will have to think of ways to improve this invention on your own and later present to your group. You may now click resources and begin.

  5. Research Guide Name: 1. Inventor: 2. Invention: 3. When was it invented? 4. What problem does it solve? 5. How do we use it today? 6. Draw/Paste a picture of the invention.

  6. Process

  7. Process STEP 2 Present the invention you researched. Take turns presenting what you learned to your group members using your step 1 research guide. As a group decide which of these inventions is the best invention ever you can improve.

  8. Process STEP 3 Create a PowerPoint presentation Include the following slides. Slide 1: Invention and who is in your group Slide 2: Who is the inventor and list 3 facts about the inventor/invention -when was it invented -what was or is it used for -how much does it cost today?

  9. Process Slide 3: How did we improve the invention? (must use the word because in the sentence) Slide 4: What problem does our invention solve? (use complete sentences) Slide 5: Picture of our new invention Slide 6: Why should anyone buy our invention? Slide 7: How much will it cost $ and where can we buy it?

  10. Process STEP 4 Present your invention with your PowerPoint presentation to the rest of your group and persuade them to buy it.

  11. Evaluation