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Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, Future

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Past, Present, Future

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  1. Past, Present, Future Bringing a Balance to the Force Jeff Harlin, LCSW Clinical Director of Children’s Services Lissa James, MS, LPC Clinical Director of CQI/PI

  2. Mental health services were provided in buildings and offices having to be accessed through the use of outmoded forms of transportation such as cars, vans or buses. Then, through the power of the FORCE, Technology was introduced to the Jedi Knights (Mental Health Agencies) and balance was restored to the Galaxy, allowing easier, timelier and more effective access to services. A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away….

  3. A New Hope 2011 • MOVI and the ability to provide Medication Management services via tele-medicine • Of course there were several caveats: • A staff member had to be present with the consumer • Both locations had to be approved and use approved hardware AND there were connections issues involved with accessing the Bridge resulting in interrupted services.

  4. The Empire Strikes Back • There were issues with the Oklahoma Medical Association and their decision that tele-medicine was not appropriate practice. • The Legislature decided that tele-medicine should be considered the same as Face-to-Face

  5. Return of the Jedi • On the very edges of the empire, rebel forces met to discuss visionary plans • iPads and Face Time • Face Time to Face Time is encrypted and HIPAA compliant • Can be locked down • Wi-Fi or Cellular Data • Locator Capability

  6. Return of the Jedi • Three-Pronged Attack • Roll-out Program beginning in October, 2015 For consumers/families having difficult accessing services due to financial difficulties, transportation, or unease in an office setting. • Opened Intensive Outpatient Center in January, 2016 24/7 crisis stabilization services Using iPads for post-discharge crisis intervention and support, giving consumer immediate access to a therapist.

  7. Return of the Jedi • Law Enforcement • Provided iPads to Police and Sheriff’s Department • Instantaneous consultation in the event of encountering someone with mental illness • Crisis Intervention and Stabilization • Referral Capability

  8. The Force Awakens • Current Capacity • Currently have 500 iPads in use • 50 to Law Enforcement and Emergency Room’s • Remainder to staff and consumers • Goal to increase iPads monthly

  9. The Force Awakens • Plans for future • Have iPads available to all consumers and staff who want them. • Over 4,000 in the community. • Use of technology one of the primary means for crisis intervention. • Services provided when and where they consumer needs them.

  10. The Force Awakens iPad Usage: One of our youth spent the summer with his bio-dad out of state.  Many times during and after his visit with his bio-dad he has as an extremely difficult time transitioning between mom and dad’s home and has required inpatient care.  During his visit this past summer, he was able to stay in contact with his therapist and health home team via iPad services and did not require inpatient treatment during or after his visit with his dad.  We believe his successful transition was due to there being no gap in services even when he was out of state.

  11. The Force Awakens Another youth was removed from his home due to severe sexual abuse.  He was placed in temporary foster care for one week. During this time period he was able to have daily appointments with his health home team and his therapist via ipad services even though his placement was over an hour away. We were are able provide support to his foster parents and assist with the transition into a more permanent foster family during this sensitive time.

  12. Future Plans • Develop an App to install on iPad devices to assist consumers in recovery • Develop consumer focus group to get input regarding App development

  13. Video Tour of IOC

  14. The Next Adventure Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers Coming Soon to a location near you Questions? May the Force Be With You!!!!