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  2. PENALTY VS. FOUL FOUL: A Rule Infraction For Which a Penalty is Prescribed PENALTY: The Consequences of Such a Rule Infraction—Accepted Or Declined

  3. PENALTY VS. FOUL THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! “Foul” Is To “Crime” as “Penalty” Is To “Punishment”

  4. PENALTY VS. FOUL • Can a foul be declined? • NO! • Can a penalty declined? • YES!

  5. PENALTIESCOMPLETED • Penalty Completed When: Accepted, Declined, or Canceled • ANY Penalty May Be Declined • Multiple Live-Ball Fouls By One Team -- Offended Team Chooses One

  6. PENALTIESCOMPLETED • Offsetting Fouls --Only Live-Ball Fouls Offset --Exceptions:.....................

  7. EXCEPTIONS TO OFFSETTING FOULS 10-1-4 • “Clean Hands” Provision • Postscrimmage Kick Enforcement • Try, After Team B Possession • Extra Periods, After Team B Possession

  8. BASIC SPOT AND ENFORCEMENT SPOT BASIC SPOT • Benchmark for Application of “3-and-1” Principle--Depends on Type of Play 10-2-2-d ENFORCEMENT SPOT • Spot From Which a Penalty Is Enforced

  9. PENALTY ENFORCEMENT 10-2-2-c The 3-and-1 Principle Asks: • What kind of play was run when the foul occurred? • Where Is the BASIC SPOT? • Who FOULED? • Where Is the FOUL in Relation to the Basic Spot?

  10. BASIC SPOTS END OF THE RELATED RUN • Running Plays When RunEndsBeyond NZ • Running Plays When There Is No NZ

  11. BASIC SPOTS PREVIOUS SPOT • Running Plays When Run EndsBehind Neutral Zone • Forward Pass Plays • Kick Plays (Except When PSK Applies)

  12. END OF RUN The spot where the run ends may be: • Where the ball becomes dead • Where a player fumbles the ball • Where the ball is handed to another player • From where a backwards or illegal pass is thrown • Where an illegal scrimmage kick is made

  13. ENFORCEMENT SPOTS BASIC SPOTS • Previous Spot • End of the Run • Spot of the Foul Special Cases: Succeeding Spot: Dead-Ball Fouls End of the Kick: Postscrimmage Kick

  14. DIAGRAM For “3-and-1” FOUL BY TEAM In Possession Not In Possession --------------BASIC SPOT------------- *Penalize From Basic Spot Beyond Basic Spot* Beyond Basic Spot* Behind Basic Spot Behind Basic Spot*

  15. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE “3-and-1” Does NOT Mean “From Where It Hurts Most”

  16. POSTSCRIMMAGE KICK ENFORCEMENT 10-2-3 Applies ONLY to Fouls by Team B: • Three or More Yards Beyond NZ • During Scrimmage Kick Play Not on a Try Not in Extra Period Not On Successful Field Goal • Kick Crosses NZ • Team A Does Not Have Legal Possession When The Ball Is Declared Dead (2-2-5-c)

  17. POSTSCRIMMAGE KICK ENFORCEMENT If These Conditions Are Satisfied: • Apply “3-and-1” Principle The PSK Spot Is The Basic Spot (End Of Kick Or B-20) • PSK enforcement applies as if Team B had possession during the kick.

  18. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE

  19. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE

  20. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE

  21. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE

  22. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE

  23. The “3-and-1” PRINCIPLE

  24. Defensive Pass Interference • DPI is not a personal foul; so it can never carry over if committed during TD. • If the DPI occurs less than 15 yards from LOS, it is a spot foul. • If the DPI occurs more than15 yards from LOS, the penalty is 15 yards from the previous spot.

  25. Defensive Pass Interference • There is not “half the distance” penalty until the previous spot is at the 2 yard line. • Inside the 30 yard line, you will mark off the full 15 yards. • Inside the 17 yard line, you will put the ball at the 2 yard line.

  26. Defensive Pass Interference • This is sometime referred to as the “moving window”. • The “moving window” does not collapse until you reach the 17 yard line.

  27. Defensive Pass Interferenceon the Try • Ball snapped at the 3, use half the distance enforcement. • Ball snapped outside the 3, use the “moving window”.

  28. Foul Reporting and Administration

  29. FOULS ON SCORING PLAYS 10-2-5 Foul by Defense During Touchdown Play • Penalties for PERSONAL FOULS Enforced on Try OR Kickoff. Do NOT Carry Over in Extra Period. • Penalties For ALL OTHER FOULS Do NOT Carry Over. Usually They Are DECLINED BY RULE. (Exception: When Illegal Touching Enables Enforcement)

  30. FOULS ON SCORING PLAY 10-2-5-c Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls During or After TD Play: • Penalty Enforced on Try or on Kickoff (On Try in Extra Period)

  31. FOULS AFTER SCORING PLAY 10-2-5-c Personal Foul Committed Between Touchdown and Try: • Penalty Enforced on Try or Kickoff (On Try in Extra Period)

  32. PENALTY ENFORCEMENT ON THE TRY 8-3-3, -4, -5 Successful Try, Foul by Team B: • A May Decline Penalty; OR Accept and Go for 2 Points. HOWEVER • Personal Foul: Accepted Penalty Carried Over to KO or Extra Period.

  33. PENALTY ENFORCEMENT ON THE TRY No Change of Possession • Offsetting Fouls: Repeat Try • Loss-of-Down: Try is Over. No Penalty. No Score. • Kick-Catch Interference: Penalty Declined by Rule

  34. PENALTY ENFORCEMENT ON THE TRY Change of Possession • Either Team (Not Both) Fouls After Change of Possession: Penalty Declined By Rule—No Carry-Over [EXC: Flagrant Personal Foul or LBF Treated as DBF: Penalty Carries Over]

  35. PENALTY ENFORCEMENT ON THE TRY Change of Possession • Both Teams Foul and Team B Fouled Before Change of Possession: Fouls Offset--Down is Replayed • Both Teams Foul, and Team B Did NOT Foul Before Getting Possession: Fouls Cancel, No Replay. Exception to 10-1-4 Does Not Apply.

  36. FOUL AFTER THE TRY 10-1-6 Condition In 8-3-5 Dead-Ball Foul Following Try: If Try Is Replayed, DBF Penalty Enforced Before The Replay. If Try Is Not Replayed, DBF Penalty Enforced on Kickoff or in Extra Period

  37. SUMMARY: PENALTIES CARRIED OVER • Penalties Carry Over to Try or KO ONLY: PersonalFoul by Non-Scoring Team on a Touchdown DBF Between TD and Try • Penalties for Other Fouls Do Not Carry Over

  38. SUMMARY: PENALTIES CARRIED OVER • Penalties Carry Over to KO or XP: During Try: Personal Foul by Team B DBF Field Goal Score DBF After the Try (To Kickoff, if Try is Not Replayed)