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Science and Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Science and Technology

Science and Technology

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Science and Technology

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  1. Science and Technology They really do go together!

  2. The tools that I show you today are not geared towards any grade specifically. They are general science sites that anyone can use. Even if it the site does not really apply to your grade, maybe you can get an idea for something that does affect your students! Please, keep an open mind!

  3. Here are some cool technology tools and tips that can help you with your science classroom. If something does not work, please let me know and I will work with it! Some of the coolest sites I have researched are: • Learning Science • Science Fair Central • National Science Teacher Association • National Science Digital Library • Science Printables • Understanding Science • 42 Explore • The Field Book Project • Earth Exploration Toolbook • EdHeads • Periodic Videos • Sumanas • 24/7 Science • Science Daily

  4. EduTopia, a national leading magazine, also recommends… • Smithsonian Scientists • Plantings Science • PhET Interactive Simulators • Energy Kids

  5. Sites for Elementary Science Teachers • Bitesize Science – British site • • Everyday Mysteries • • How Everyday Things are Made • • Just for Kids •

  6. Sites for Secondary Science Teachers • The Chemistry Place • • The American Institute of Physics • • The Biology Project • • Yahoo’s Index of Science Resources •

  7. LPB CyberChannel is now Discovery Streaming • You still log in the same way as before. • Go to LPB CyberChannel on the MCS homepage. • If you already have an account, log in and begin to use the resources. • If you are new, get the code for your school from me after this session. The librarian at your school also has the LPB access codes. • If you have changed schools, please edit your profile to reflect the school change. • LPB is NOT a free site. It is paid for by MIS/IT, and it is now available on a use it or lose it basis. Please take advantage of these resources in order to keep it in the budget.

  8. Finding a Video • At the top of the page, there is a general search box. You can type in the subject of the video you are trying to find. • If you click in the box, you get “More Options.” You can narrow down your search. • Be as specific as possible and try different types of spellings. (singular vs. plural, British spellings, etc.) • There are many more things than just video on LPB. There are animations, discussion boards, clip art, images, etc. • Each video can be downloaded and some are available with Closed Captioning (meets 504 modification!).

  9. My Content • My Content is a digital storage locker within the LPB site. • I strongly recommend creating folders for the major subject areas for which you will be searching for videos/resources. • You can access LPB and your folders from any computer with internet, including most tablets and phones. • You can create subfolders as well. • The more organized you can be ahead of time, the easier your tasks will be later. • While you can save videos to your folders, I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND downloading a video to your desktop(folder) in case the internet is not working. • Videos are segmented, so you may not need the whole video. You can either click the down arrow next to the plus sign to get options (save to my content) or click the download button across the top. You can then pick the segment you want to download.

  10. Classroom Manager

  11. Builder Tools • Assignment Builder – allows you to create assignments and assign them to students in your classes • Board Builder – works a lot like glogster to create digital, interactive posters • Writing Prompt Builder – give students writing practice with these images that include composition prompts • Quiz Builder – incorporate video clips into interactive quizzes • Each of these tools has a User’s Guide and a “Need More Help” for help within each tool.

  12. Teacher Center

  13. Why use the Teacher Center? • You can search for already completed lesson plans! • You can search for activities, etc., by theme using the Thematic Focus. • The Discovery Atlas Interactive Map is a huge help when you know where but you don’t know what you are looking for! • There is a STEM library, which I hope they change to STEAM soon! • The CALENDAR helps students connect the past and present with videos tied to historical events.

  14. Professional Development • You can find all the resources you need to help you with DE/LPB on this page. • There are also ideas on using digital media in your classroom. • There is a calendar of professional development that are offered either by LPB or in conjunction with LPB. • LPB professional development can count for CLU’s. Just enter the information at the bottom of your transcript in CourseWhere where the spaces are provided for additional trainings.

  15. Don’t forget one of your biggest resources… ME!!! Jodie Moorhead IT Facilitator 2101 Roselawn Avenue Monroe, LA 71201 318-325-0601, x5402 Jodie’s Website