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Facebook Messenger ads – The Latest Update

<br>http://livetonline.com/fbmessengerads/index.html<br>Facebook has rolled out a new facebook ad targeting placement called Facebook messenger ads. What this means is you can set up an ad and when people click on your ad they get sent a message where you can instantly communicate with them. There are some really important things you need to know before you start using them. Read this to find out more<br><br>

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Facebook Messenger ads – The Latest Update

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  1. Facebook Messenger ads – The Latest Update Facebook has added a new ad placement to their ads platform which allows you to send people from your ad straight to their messenger. How does this work? Facebook has a new messenger platform and has opened up a new placement where you can set up an ad and when the person clicks on the ad their messenger service is opened and you are able to communicate with them in real time. You can find this new feature in both the ads manager and the Power Editor. Here is a snippet of what it looks like

  2. Just set up an ad like you would normally and select website clicks as your objective. You cannot select Instagram within the placement option as this is not available as yet There are a few Call To Actions that you can use but the obvious one would be send message or contact us. The messenger selection should appear under the Canvas option At the time of writing there was one thing that is very restrictive with this process and that is that you are only able to message the people that have already interacted with your page. You are not able to freely set up your targeting. This is a little annoying but there is a workaround Firstly you do need to have a facebook page with at least some people liking your page. You can always do a like campaign to get more followers or boost a post. Now just recently Facebook added some boxes on our pages that look like this As you can see one of them is Get Messages. If you click on Get messages you will get something that looks like this

  3. You can edit everything on this page to make it appealing to your fans. Once you publish the post then if someone clicks on it a message box opens and they can message your page directly Let’s look at some ideas of how we can use this Grab a vibrant image that will attract attention and add your text saying Have a Question about __________________ Message us now Want to get your own copy of ______________ Send us a message now Need to know more about ___________ Message us now

  4. Send us a message to grab your free report You get the idea. Did you know you can also set up a response that will be activated as soon as someone does send you a message. This is available in the settings area of your facebook page. So once you have set up your question ad it will look something like this You can set up your response with the download link to your free report in your automatic message replies. You can also boost this to get even more people downloading your report So now when you set up an ad in the ads manager or power editor you have a lot more people to advertise to and you can be a lot fancier with your ads to get even more conversions

  5. Conversation Marketing is going to be big in 2017. People are impatient and do not want to wait for answers so this form of advertising will be perfect to get people talking know like and trusting you. If you already have a Large fan page with lot’s of messages from your fans then you may start using the new facebook messenger ads service now. These ad types are getting huge engagement and great ROI. If you would like some help with your new ads I offer an ads service where I can put together a high converting ad for you to use in your account. Visit here for more information http://livetonline.com/fbmessengerads/index.html

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