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Kohno et al. Figure S1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Kohno et al. Figure S1

Kohno et al. Figure S1

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Kohno et al. Figure S1

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  1. AtIAA19 AtIAA6 VvIAA19 AtIAA18 AtIAA10 AtIAA20 AtIAA30 AtIAA7 AtIAA3 AtIAA11 AtIAA2 AtIAA12 AtIAA1 AtIAA8 AtIAA4 AtIAA21 AtIAA27 AtIAA5 AtIAA24 AtIAA15 AtIAA13 AtIAA25 AtIAA29 AtIAA23 AtIAA26 AtIAA22 AtIAA28 AtIAA33 VvIAA9 AtIAA31 AtIAA9 AtIAA32 AtIAA16 AtIAA34 VvIAA16 AtIAA17 AtIAA14 Figure S1 Sequence analyses of VvIAA19. Cluster analysis of the predicted amino acid sequence of VvIAA19 with those of genes encoding V. vinifera and Arabidopsis Aux/IAA proteins. By means of the NJ method using MEGA4, a phylogenetic tree was constructed. AtIAA1 (accession no. GU348523). AtIAA2 (accession no. GU348528). AtIAA3 (accession no. GU348533). AtIAA4 (accession no. GU348536). AtIAA5 (accession no. GU348542). AtIAA6 (accession no. GU348545). AtIAA7 (accession no. GU348553). AtIAA8 (accession no. GU348558). AtIAA9 (accession no. GU348563). AtIAA10 (accession no. GU348568). AtIAA11 (accession no. GU348573). AtIAA12 (accession no. GU348578). AtIAA13 (accession no. GU348583). AtIAA14 (accession no. GU348588). AtIAA15 (accession no. HM487784). AtIAA16 (accession no. GU348593). AtIAA17 (accession no. GU348595). AtIAA18 (accession no. GU348603). AtIAA19 (accession no. GU348608). AtIAA20 (accession no. GU348613). AtIAA21 (accession no. ATU49077). AtIAA22 (accession no. U53672). AtIAA23 (accession no. U79555). AtIAA24 (accession no. U79557). AtIAA25 (accession no. U79556). AtIAA26 (accession no. GU348618). AtIAA27 (accession no. GU348623). AtIAA28 (accession no. GU348628). AtIAA29 (accession no. GU348633). AtIAA30 (accession no. GU348638). AtIAA31 (accession no. GU348643). AtIAA32 (accession no. HM487945). AtIAA33 (accession no. GU348648). AtIAA34 (accession no. GU348653). VvIAA9 (accession no. HQ337788). VvIAA16 (accession no. HQ337789). Kohno et al. Figure S1

  2. 0.4 0.3 0.2 Relative quantity 0.1 0 leaf shoot stem berry skin Figure S2 Transcription profiles of VvIAA19 in grapevine tissues. Total RNA was isolated from young leaves, shoots, stems, and berry skins and subjected to real-time RT-PCR analysis. Data were calculated as gene expression relative to b-actin gene expression. The results represent reproducible data from three independent experiments. Kohno et al. Figure S2