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  2. Pg. 316 • 4. Complete the Narrative Sequence Charts for Chapters 6 and 7 in Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout. • Chapter 6 • FIRST: Pierre and Marie took a holiday with their daughters. Pierre was slightly tired. • Next: They returned to Paris for Pierre´s meeting at the Hôtel des Sociétés Savantes de Science. • Then: Pierre went to his meeting and crossed the busy intersection of Rue Dauphine near the Seine, which was streaming with traffic. • After that: Pierre was struck and run over by a horse-drawn carriage. The wheels crushed his head and he died. • Finally: Marie returned home to find her husband, companion, and fellow researcher dead.

  3. Chapter 7 • First: Marie was awarded her husband’s professorship at the Sorbonne University in France • Next:Marie and her daughters moved to Sceaux, Paris, to be closer to Pierre’s father. • Then: Marie bought her daughter Eve a piano and installed a trapeze in the backyard. • Afterthat: She started to work on her husband’s incomplete research on radiation and gravity. • Finally: Marie devoted herself to her work in an attempt to try to re-create a life.

  4. Ex. 5 • Youranswers

  5. Pgs. 318 & 319 • 1. How does the use of Undark paint reveal that radium is in fact very dangerous? • Women who were using Undark paint to coat watch-dials would fi x the shape of the brush by putting it in their mouths. This led to the slow consumption of Undark paint, which proved to have serious effects such as bone corrosion and severe anemia, among others

  6. 2. Why do you think five of the women sued U.S. Radium? Why was their success a landmark for workers´ rights? • Your answer.

  7. 3. How did polonium’s infamy come about? • Polonium was used as a poison to kill former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who was exiled to the UK due to his campaign against the Russian Government. Polonium was used as a weapon to silence him from revealing possible truths about the Russian Government.

  8. 4. How is Alexander Litvinenko’s death an example of nuclear terrorism? • Your answer • 5. Š In your own words, describe how polonium works as a poison. • Your answer.

  9. 6. What happened in Paris on April 19, 1906? What event changed the course of events for both the Curies on this fateful day? • Pierre returned to Paris for a meeting and was killed by a horse-drawn carriage in Rue Dauphine, a street near the Seine. The left-back wheel of the carriage crushed Pierre’s head. This took Pierre’s life and left Marie a widowed mother.

  10. What happened to the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in 1979? What does Mary Osborn recall through her senses of taste and smell regarding this event? • 7. • The Three Mile Island nuclear plant suffered a meltdown on March 28, 1979. Mary Osborn recalls the scent of chocolate from the nearby Hershey’s factory, but on the morning that the nuclear plant melted down, she remembers the taste of metal in the air.

  11. 8. How did Marie respond to Pierre’s death? How did she cope with this grave loss? • Marie kissed Pierre in death and spoke to him while he was inside the coffin, telling him how much she loved him and how she always had. Marie went back and forth between being calm and then howling and wailing with grief.

  12. Š 9. “The Sorbonne offered Marie her late husband’s professorship.” Why is this described as being a bittersweet triumph? • Marie had been offered a position, which had never before been offered to a woman, and this marked a significant event in history; however, the position was meant for her husband, who was now dead. There was both sadness and happiness, grief and celebration, hence the word bittersweet.

  13. Š 10. How did Marie take the next step in rebuilding her life? Why is this important? • Marie moved outside Paris to Pierre’s hometown of Sceaux. She made some adjustments to the house for her daughters, such as building a trapeze and buying a piano. Marie then took up her husband’s research on radiation and gravity. It was important for Marie to assume her role as a mother and scientist and find a way to continue life without Pierre.

  14. 11. Describe the events of April 26, 1986 in your own words. Include the most important details in your description. • Your answer. • 12. According to Tim Mousseau, how did this event affect the ecosystem? • Your answer.