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  2. Recap Header Introduction Body Summary Closing

  3. LAST CALL Take the next 20 minutes to finish up your cover letter Check for spelling and grammar mistakes Make sure all parts are included Have a classmate proofread and score your cover letter using the rubric Remember to tailor your cover letter to one of the following jobs: • Jamba Juice Crew Member • Office Clerk for Medical Clinic • Entry-level Medical Translator • Restaurant Worker for Lemonade Cafe • Cashier at Every Table

  4. Reminder Don’t forget to attend a workshop if you have questions! • Every Monday and Wednesday at lunch in room 204

  5. Job Interview Questions

  6. What’s going to happen during the interview? Who is conducting the interview? What is the interview intended to accomplish? How long will the interview last? How will I be evaluated? “Hey, I’ve Got A Job Interview!” FEAR FACTOR

  7. Types Of Interviews One-on-one: most often used Informal: Interviewer has a general idea of what will be asked, but after first question, follows conversation trend. Structured: Questions will be written out based on job requirements, and will be asked of every candidate. Unstructured: After one or two questions, the interviewer may sit back and wait for you to make the next move.

  8. Types of Interviews Panel: you will meet with more than one person at a time Teamwork is important. They want to see how effective you are as part of a group. Take it one question at a time Answer the person who asked the question. After finish look around & see if anyone needs further clarification. Make eye contact with each member of the group.

  9. Common Interview Questions: Tell me about yourself. Highlight your background as it relates to particular job. In what ways will your education or training help you in this position? Tell me about a problem you solved on your previous job. Do you prefer to work alone, or do you to prefer to work as part of a group?

  10. Interview Tips Be concise Make sure you answer the question Use specific/measurable examples Speak chronologically Use complete sentences

  11. Activity Take the rest of the class period to complete the interview questions worksheet Answer in complete sentences! You will use this sheet to complete an activity tomorrow.

  12. Reminder: Due Dates Resume: Due Feb. 25th Save in Naviance as (Last Name, First Name 2018) Cover Letter: Due Feb. 25th Save as (Last Name, First Name 2018) Email/Share to