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Question 4

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Question 4

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  1. Who would be the audience for your media product? Question 4 Joe Habben

  2. Target Audience • The core audience for our film are aged between 15-19 years of age, they enjoy to watch scary films at the cinema or rent one out on a casual basis, they enjoy watching these films with their friends because it gives them a bigger thrill and allows them to watch others reactions to it. They admire watching Thrillers and Horrors because they love the jump scenes and suspense filled parts that keep them on the edge of their seat. Our target audience prefer our genre to others because, they like this because it lets them feel like a part of the film and fills them with adrenaline, they find that this is a lot different compared to other genre’s and find it unique, and unlike others it keeps them entertained throughout and do not lose interest. • Females would probably be the largest audience attracted to our film because it features a girl as the main character and in the narrative the girl gets revenge on the boy that abused her in the past, a lot of feminists would also be attracted to this because they believe that women are oppressed and in the film the main character is repressing male dominance. • Our thriller would most probably attract both genders just as much as each other, females would be attracted to the girl main character and her independence, whereas males would be attracted to it for the pure thrill and scare.

  3. Target Audience • Our film would mostly attract a young teenage audience because this is the typical audience of our sub genre, also the main character is around the same age as them so they’d be able to relate to the character and this would make the narrative more believable to them. Obviously I am not excluding all adults when saying this, there would be a lot of adults who have a passion for films like ours and would also go see this. • Our film’s restricted narrative may reduce the scale of the audience because a lot of people may not like the fact that they do not know much about the story and this may prevent them from purchasing a ticket to go see it. The narrative is also quite complex, because of this many people may be put off as they may just want to watch something that they do not want to pay much attention to. • I believe that our film would get the most views in cinemas because it would have a lot of advertisement. People would be able to enjoy the film a lot better because the suspense would be much greater in a cinema with a surround sound system and a big screen, rather than at home in front of a standard TV with one speaker.

  4. Target audience character profile This is Francesca Brody, she is 16 years old and lives in the outskirts of Reading. She likes shopping in town for clothes and other accessories, but is not a very mainstream person and does not follow the crowd in her tastes, she will buy whatever she thinks is nice and does not care about others opinions, she browses in individual shops (e.g. vintage) that others do not, this is because these clothes are a lot cheaper because they aren’t owned by a big label . She likes to socialise with friends and listens to music non-stop. A few films that she likes are Black Swan, Se7en, Orphan, Exorcist and Kill List. She prefers to watch films at the cinema so that she can endure the full experience of the production and will buy the film when released if she really likes it, he follows the feminist argument and believes that males to not treat females with equality. TV channels that interest Francesca are Kerrang, Scuz, Channel 4, E4, Dave and Film 4, she likes these channels because they show less media saturated programs than others, she also loves to watch documentaries on Channel 4 because they inform her on other societies. I think our film would appeal to this character because the film is produced by an individual company, and a lot of indie companies have made films that she loves. The film challenges the typical thriller genre and films like this are what the girl takes interest in. Another reason the girl suits our audience profile is because the girl in our film gets revenge on a man that abused her when she was younger, this would appeal to Francesca because the girl is against a male who has treated her badly and unequally.

  5. Age rating of own film In my opinion I would give our film the rating of a 15, this is because most of the content meets the 15 rating guidelines of the British Board of Film Classification, these are some of the guidelines: • strong violence • frequent strong language (eg 'f***'). • portrayals of sexual activity • strong verbal references to sex • sexual nudity • brief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violence • discriminatory language or behaviour • drug taking We may have included parts of the past sexual abuse in our full film, this means it would have easily been classified in the 15 rating and maybe even 18. Violence would also be used a lot towards the end of the film where the girl gets her revenge on the rapist.

  6. I believe that the film Se7en is similar to our production. Both films include a psychotic character that is overly obsessed with someone and in the end of the film punishes this person, both films also revolve mental illness around the characters and portray them as crazy. • Se7en advertised their film through posters, in nearly all of their posters they included the two protagonist detectives of their film, this gives the audience an idea of who is featuring in the film and also attracts more people to it because these actors are talented and are well-known for featuring in high rated movies. • Se7en is all about the ‘seven deadly sins’. In the posters, these 7 sins are all shown, and on each of these words there is a cross through them, as if someone is committing these sins and then ticking them off as if they have completed something. • In some other posters, a cardboard box is shown as the centre point of the image, here they are telling the audience that this prop is key to the narrative and whatever is inside it is very important, the fact that we do not know what is in there intrigues us and convinces us that we need to see this film and then we will know what is inside it.