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Louis XIV

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Louis XIV

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  1. Louis XIV Warm Up: Five Symphonies for Viols Objective: Standard: 10.2.1 and 4 Homework: Notes 162-168

  2. Religious War • Catholic vs. Huguenots- eight wars between 1562 and 1598 (French Calvinist) • Edicts of Toleration- Private Huguenot Meetings Catholics accuse of being orgies • Massacre at Vassey- Duke of Lorraine kills Calvinist • Henry IV a Huguenot converts to Catholic “Paris is well worth a mass”- becomes the first Bourbon King • 1598 Edict of Nantes (toleration of Huguenots) • 1610- Henry is assassinated by Huguenot

  3. Louis XIII • Henry’s son became King • Weak leader but Cardinal Richelieu becomes advisor • Convinces Louis XIII to turn against his mother • No walled protestant cities • Weakened nobility by selling government positions and nobles lands, taking away traditional rights • Efficiency in tax collection

  4. Skepticism • Nothing is certain • The Fronde- 1648-53 civil war between Louis XIII and Nobility • Belief that life and knowledge is ever changing and therefore belief is ever changing • Essay- Literature with point of view developed by Michel de Montaigne

  5. Louis XIV • “I am the state” • Mazarin and the boy King • Louis reduces power of nobility and increases power of intendents • Forms a standing army • Assigned Colbert as Finance Minister- France

  6. The Sun King • Building of Versailles- from swamp to 2,300 rooms, gardens, ball rooms etc. • Nobility forced to spend time at Versailles serving king • Art to glorify the king and promote values • Cancels the Edict of Nantes

  7. Duke of Saint Simon “ He looked to the right and to the left, not only upon rising but upon going to bed, at his meals, in passing through his apartments, or his gardens…he marked well all absentees from the court, found out the reason for their absence, and never lost an opportunity of acting toward them as the occasion might seem to justify…when their names were in any way mentioned, “ I do not know them” the King would reply haughtily”

  8. Louis Wars • France lost series of wars • Dutch open dikes • English and Austrians form an alliance • Poor harvest reduce funds • War of Spanish Succession – Trying to keep Spain and France from Unifying

  9. Debt of the royal family 1643-1715

  10. Summary Questions • Who was known as the Sun King and increased power of intendents over the nobility? • Who Became the first king of the Bourbons? • What was the Palace that Louis XIV built? • Who was the protestant prince who became a Catholic King? • Who was the skeptic who developed the essay form? • What were the government agents who collected taxes in France? • What was the war to prevent unification of Spain and France called? • What was the declaration of religious tolerance by Henry IV and canceled by Louis XIV? • Who was the cardinal who advised Louis XIV? • Who was the Minister of Finance under Louis XIV? • What religious group fought against Catholics in 8 wars in France? • Which Cardinal advised Louis XIII and weakened power of the Huguenots and nobility?

  11. Extra Credit Book Report: • Moliere “Middle Class Gentleman”. • The Three Musketeers (Alexander Dumas) Film • Ever After (Fictional) setting 15th and 16th Century Research Paper: Your views on Louis XIV reorganization of his army Writing a diary: Nobility in the court of Louis XIV

  12. Reading • Defeat of the Spanish Armada