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Weed Brownies Effects PowerPoint Presentation
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Weed Brownies Effects

Weed Brownies Effects

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Weed Brownies Effects

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  1. Weed Brownies Effects

  2. Benefits, appropriate conditions and effects of weed brownies The use of weed edible products, including brownies, have increased in popularity over the last decades. For most individuals; medical and recreational users, this is a better alternative to smoking a joint or ingesting liquid marijuana. There are many benefits of using weed brownies instead of other forms of ingesting THC and other cannabinoids and they include: Provides a safer alternative to smoking weed Weed users believe ingesting weed is a better alternative to smoking it. This is simple. As a user, you are not exposed to smoke filled with tar and carbon getting into the lungs. For users, some of which have lung issues or may be on supplementary oxygen, in the case of medical usage, cannot take the risk of inhaling any form of smoke. If used medically, weed brownies are a source of nausea and pain reducing cannabinoids, while being nutritious at the same time. This is great for cancer patients and pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness.

  3. Discretion can be achieved using weed brownie. This is what every user wants, most don’t want their business out there. This is what weed brownies offer. They are clean and don’t give an after smell, in which anyone close could tell what they have been up to. Appropriate conditions for weed brownies The baking process involved in making brownies exposes the weed in it to very high temperatures. The heat is a good thing as opposed to foods active ingredients being destroyed when heated. For weed, during high heat, most inactive cannabinoids are converted to THC, Cannabidiols and Cannabinols. These agents are what give the psychoactive high, the pain killing and muscle relaxing properties experienced when using weed. Over a million Americans are known to use brownies as their preferred weed edible, most of which use it to treat medical conditions, especially in those with Gastrointestinal diseases in which they need THC in their bowels in high amounts to relieve pain associated with the disease. This case is just one of numerous diseases in which ingesting brownies is a better alternative to smoking weed.

  4. How effective is using weed brownies? • Ingesting weed brownies affects the user in a different way than how they would feel if they had smoked weed. These effects depend on different factors. • Percentage of THC or cannabinoids in the weed used to produce the weed brownies. • Body chemistry; weight, body fat and metabolism • How much ingested • Weed brownies have higher weed active agents than when smoked, so first time users need to be aware of this so they don’t get overwhelmed due to the increased potency and long-lasting effects. • Although weed is known for its anxiety relieving properties, at higher doses, it can increase anxiety. This is what could happen to a new user who underestimates the power of weed brownies. • When you smoke week, you get cannabinoid injected into you in waves, just like a patient on IV drips, the effects is faster and milder than with weed brownies in which the effect is slower and stronger. The good news is this diminishes as you eat them more frequently.

  5. How do I know that weed brownies are good for me? The first thing you need to consider when taking weed brownies is the potency of the product. Use your good judgement to establish how much you can ingest at a go. Brownies are made in batches so the dosage can be split conveniently. For a recreational user, you are in for a thrill and you need to slow down so you don’t overdose. If you are purchasing weed brownies, make sure they are made the best way possible especially for medical users. You don’t need to ingest something that could compromise your health more than it is at the moment. If you are making it at home, you can control dosage, conditions in which it is made and what recipe you would love. This is a better option and there are different weed brownie recipes scattered all over the internet for you to use as resource materials. Weed brownies are an interesting, safe way of ingesting weed. If you can handle it, it can give you double the effect you need to live a healthier and an enjoyable life. See more