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writing. planning. Discussion. Discuss in groups of four what Li Daiyu and Liu Qian saw and heard during their travel from Vancouver to Montreal and make some notes if necessary. . REVISION. Rocky mountains. Li Daiyu’s report. The Rocky Mountains,wild scenery,a grizzly

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  1. writing planning

  2. Discussion • Discuss in groups of four what Li Daiyu and Liu Qian saw and heard during their travel from Vancouver to Montreal and make some notes if necessary.


  4. Rocky mountains

  5. Li Daiyu’s report The Rocky Mountains,wild scenery,a grizzly bear,mountain goats,wheat-growing center, the busy port of Thunder Bay,ocean ships on the top end of the Great Lakes CN tower,mist of the Niagara Falls,the covered stadium,Chinatown,Pink Pearl restaurant Many signs and ads in French,the St.Lawrence River,shops,artists in their workplace

  6. Liu Qian’ report Canada is bigger than the U.S.and the second largest, 5,500 km from coast to coast. Vancouver is the warmest and beautiful city and the population here increase rapidly. Ski in the Rocky Mountains and sail in the harbour. Cantonese food,most of the Chinese from South China,it takes long to Ottawa. He is a student.Montreal has wonderful restaurants and clubs.Most people speak French.Good French coffee,bread and music.

  7. Write a report (about 150 words) for either Li Daiyu or Liu Qian. Make sure your report has: 1.a title; 2.a short paragraph to introduce the topic of your report; 3.a different paragraph for each new piece of information or new place; 4.a short conclusion.

  8. Li Daiyu’s Report

  9. Sample: What we saw in Canada We traveled across Canada by train from west to east. We saw many interesting things both on thewayacross and in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. We passed through the Rocky Mountains on the train and saw wild scenery,a grizzly bear and some mountain goats. In the center of Canada,it is a wheat-growing area and Thunder Bay is the busy port and ocean ships can come all the way to the top end of the Great Lakes.

  10. In Toronto, we went up the CN Tower and saw the mist from Niagara Falls.We visited the covered stadium and Chinatown and had dinner at the Pink Pearl restaurant. In Montreal, we saw many signs and ads in French.Then we went to Old Montreal and sat at a café beside the St Lawrence River.We spent the afternoon in the shops and visiting the artists in their workplaces. There are so many things to see and do in Canada on our trip.We saw only a few things. We would like to have another visit to Canada!

  11. My friends and I had a visit to the Great Ocean Road. We started from Melbourne. We drove along the freeway through the desert and forests. We saw some kangaroos and koalas by the road. Finally, four hours later, we arrived at the Great Ocean Road. At this moment it began to rain cats and dogs. In the heavy rain, the waves , winds and rocks looked splendid(壮观).I took a lot of pictures there. After a while, the rain stopped and the rainbow appeared. In the sun, the sea was deep blue and the rocks were golden. It’s so attractive that I have no idea whether I should keep still enjoying or take pictures .I enjoyed myself very much..

  12. Four more rules to introduce your trip: 1.make full use of what we have learned ; 2.use at least one Noun clauses as the appositive . 3.make your sentences smooth by using Linking words /phrases : show sequence (Firstly , First, First of all, to start with, Secondly, Next, then, Afterwards, After this/that, Finally, Last, Lastly, etc ) 4.We write about our feelings, by using effective words, such as splendid, enjoy ourselves, instead of beautiful, happy etc.

  13. Flow chart time Attitudes and emotions place results process persons What to see, what to feel First, then, finally… What to do

  14. Discussion: What should we learn about a city while traveling there?

  15. 江心 寺 江 心东塔 The Yandang Moutain 琦君故居 The Nanxi River

  16. A group of American friends come to visit Wenzhou, Suppose you were the guide, tell them their one-day-trip arrangement.

  17. Structure 1.The topic sentence 2.Detailed route 3.A short conclusion

  18. Possible Version: Dear friends, Today we will go on a tour of the city of Wenzhou. In the morning we will pay a visit to the jiangxin Island where there are two famous towers and some old building.Besides , we can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Oujiang River which flows into the East China Sea. At noon,we can get good seafood here .Wenzhou is rich in all kinds of sea food,such as crabs,shrimps and fishes.

  19. In the afternoon ,we will leave for Yandan Mountain which lies About 20 kilometers northeast of the downtown of Wenzhou,It is famous for the Hezhang Peak and The Dalongqiu Waterfall which is the highest waterfall in China. In the evening ,you can spend your time in the lovely shops. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun here

  20. Homework Improve your composition after class.

  21. 作文自评、互评表A:excellent B: satisfactory C: need improvement structure

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