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  1. writing

  2. THINKING: What sentences can be used to describe the following information? ① location ② area ③ history ④ changes ⑤ the beauty of tourist attractions

  3. location: be located in / on / to lie in / on / to be situated in / on / to …

  4. has / coveran area of… square kilometers area hectares history dates back to / dates from…years ago has a ( long… ) history of…years with a ( long… ) history of…years

  5. changes Great changes have taken place in the last / past few years. The city has taken on a new look. It is no longerwhat it used to be. It is no longer the citythat it used to be. …

  6. the beauty of tourist attractions It never fails to attract millions of tourists at home and abroad. impressed attracted sb. be by… struck fascinated It will bea feast for the eyes.

  7. ①It is a place well worth visiting. ②The beauty of… is more than words can describe. ③You can’t help stopping to admire the charming scenery. …

  8. You are mayor of Hangzhou and are to make a brief introduction to the city on the opening ceremony of the 2015 World Leisure Expo

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Hangzhou! It is a great honor to give you a brief introduction to Hangzhou. Hangzhou,a well--known tourist city at home and abroad, is the capital of Zhejiang Province located on Qiantang River with a history of over 2000 years. Covering an area of 16,596 square kilometers, Hangzhou has a population of 6 million. The old Chinese saying “in heaven there is paradiseand on earth there are Hangzhou and Suzhou” has helped to attract millions of domestic and overseas visitors.

  10. Fortunately, Hangzhou lives up to the reputation. Talking of Hangzhou, the famous West Lake can never be far from one’s thoughts. Apart from it, numerous historical relics and places of interest will be impressive. There can be no doubt that a visit here is certain to be a memorable one. Also, you will fall in love with the relaxing and comfortable shopping environment here and you are sure to end up witha handful of local food and products.

  11. As a dynamic city, Hangzhou enjoys favorableinvestment environment. As the location of the 2015 World Leisure Expo, Hangzhou is showing its beauty to the world! That’s all. Thank you !

  12. Beijing, the capital city of China, is l________ in the north of China. C___________ an area of 16,410 square kilometers, Beijing is the nation’s p________, economic, cultural and educational center. The history of Beijing as a city d_______ back to more than 3,000 years ago. ocated overing olitical ates

  13. There are numerous historical relics and places of i________ in Beijing…therefore it never fails to a_______ millions of tourists at home and a________ and it is certain that anyone will be impressed by the amazing sights here. The Great Wall, one of the greatest w_________ of the world… nterest ttract broad onders

  14. The shopping environment in Beijing is exciting and c_________. Beijing has ten famous shopping streets, which provide various kinds of goods.Tourists to Beijing prefer to buy unique handicrafts and taste the d_______ Beijing Roast Duck. Although Beijing now is m_______ and fashionable… onvenient elicious odern

  15. Great changes have taken place in the last few years and the city has taken on a new look. As is known to all, the 2008 Olympic Games was h___________ in Beijing, making it one of the most attractive cities in the world. eld / hosted

  16. Homework: Rewrite your writing, and check with your partners.