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PLANTS. NAME THE PLANT PART. Take in water and nutrients from the soil. ROOTS. Fruits and seeds form inside. FLOWER. Carry water and nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant. STEM. Hold the plant in the ground. ROOTS. Where the plant makes food. LEAVES. Holds up the leaves.

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  3. Take in water and nutrients from the soil ROOTS

  4. Fruits and seeds form inside FLOWER

  5. Carry water and nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant STEM

  6. Hold the plant in the ground ROOTS

  7. Where the plant makes food LEAVES

  8. Holds up the leaves STEM

  9. Name the process through which plants make food. PHOTOSYNTHESIS

  10. Name the green matter in plants. Chlorophyll What does the chlorophyll do? It traps light energy from the sun.

  11. What do the leaves take in during photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide

  12. What is released through the leaves during photosynthesis? Oxygen

  13. What do the roots take in during photosynthesis? Water from the soil

  14. How does the water get to the leaves? The stem transports the water.

  15. What is the food in the form of? SUGAR

  16. Do all plants go through photosynthesis all year long? No, some plants are dormant during the winter. What does dormant mean? The plant is saving its energy for growth in the spring.

  17. What protects the flower before it blooms? SEPALS

  18. Name the female part of the flower. PISTIL

  19. What is the pouch at the bottom of the pistil called? Ovary What is inside the ovary? Egg cells

  20. Name the male part of the flower. STAMENS

  21. What do the stamens produce? Pollen grains What is inside each pollen grain? Sperm cells

  22. What is the transfer of pollen grains from the stamen to the pistil called? Pollination

  23. What is the joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell called? Fertilization SEED What does the fertilized egg become?

  24. Name two ways that plants reproduce. Spores and seeds Name two plants that reproduce using spores. Ferns and mosses

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